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Week of September 22-26

How are you doing in Coaching your students to success so far this year?

One of the greatest things we can offer ourselves as educators who are coaching our students to success is the ability to regularly self-reflect. We have committed to monitor our students' progress to ensure that progress is always being attained. Along with this, it is imperative we find time to reflect on our progress as well. I encourage you to do this weekly and to make adjustments as needed. I believe that everyday I am learning and growing in my role as Principal. In order for me to continue growing, I must make time to reflect. We are all driven by results and progress. We will not know how we are doing unless we reflect. Please complete the Self Reflection Survey below.

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Observations in Miss Dunham's class!

Congratulations to our 13-14 Teacher of the Year. Karla will be joining the group of GISD educators who will travel to the Ron Clark Academy in October.

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What are GM students saying when asked, "What do you like about school?"

"Mrs. Vineyard really believes in us! She's always telling us that you can do it! You can pass!"

"We love Mrs. Beltran's class because we always sing songs".

Our goal is to have 100% of staff members join PTA! Thank you to those that already have shown their support! -Your PTA Board

"If the students respect the teacher and see that he or she cares about them and is truly trying to help them, they are going to be far less likely to cause problems in the classroom." -Ron Clark