Defending Our Assessment Practices

Faye Mayo-Fedd

"Make no judgements where you have no comparison, (Lopez, 2014)"

This statement clarifies the importance of assessments in the realm education in the 21st century direction. "Today assessments must play a central role in shaping, teaching and learning and actively engaging students in their own learning process, Newman,R (2013)". In order to define the needs for the students of today, the goals must be identified for both teacher and student to develop a partnership. The assessment must be valid, reliable, useful and transparent. It should define the purpose, and strategies to be used in the the classroom. As an educator it is vital that a line of communication and trust is established with the students. Building this relationship will open the door for trust, and allow the teacher to identify any students who have not attained the academic level. I personally like the concept of involving the students in the assessment process. " Failure to discuss test results will ultimately affect the students performance. Students should be more involved in the academic success, whereby failure will not be an option.

The four questions which Lopez referenced in NEU chapter 8, are identified as a basic foundation which an educator could build on, especially helpful to a new teachers. Keeping in mind that an assessment in order to work for a student must have a grounded criteria that produces data which will be vital to the students
success. The assessment tools which I have used in the past in my line of employment, were somewhat similar, but the outcome was used to identify weaknesses in the organization.

After reviewing the issues identified on applying the information compiled in an assessment, I can apply the same techniques to have individual conferences with the staff to obtain their views and perspectives on possible changes and effects.


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