Touching Spirit Bear

By: Ben Mikaelsen Has 386 pages

Mainly About

When Cole Matthews ends up with the chioce of prison or sent to an island after he beat up a kid Peter when he told on him. Page 7," Still no one rated off Cole Matthews without paying the price." Then when he goes to an island he sees spirit Bear and it attacks him. Page 65, "Cole never had time to reaise his knife before the bear was on him, clubbing him down with a powerful blow." When Peter comes to the island he doesn't trust Cole anywhere and makes him sleep outside. Page 216, "Peter eyed Cole with distrust, still refusing to eat."

Main Character

Cole Matthews is a highschool student with a bad life. He gets hit by his dad who is always drunk and his parents are broken up. When he gets sent to an abandon island for beating up Peter Driscal, he meets the opponet of his life Spirit Bear.