Perseverance is Key to Life

Persevere through your life and you can succeed in anything

What is Perseverance?

It is doing something steadfastness and doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. You need to transform to be positive, emotionally strong, and happy so you can overcome adversity. I have learned what it means to persevere and I have learned about all of the stories of people who have overcome adversity.

Who is Maury Wills- Description Paragraph

Maury Wills is 5 feet 8 inches and 150 pounds. He was to small to play many positions on his minor league team which has been on for 8 and a half years and still not brought up to the major leagues. He started in D lower class and making 150 dollars a month barely enough to support him. Then he finally got moved up to the majors for the dodgers and started out not doing very good, but then he kept training with his coach. Then one day he finally broke the stealing base record taking it away from Ty Cobb, batting lefty and righty. This shows how much effort he put in and came out to be amazing with all of his perseverance.

Carry On- Compare and Contrast Paragraph

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton starred in the ESPN story called “Carry On” which told their inspiring life stories. Leroy and Dartanyon have both faced many adversities, but persevered through them in different ways. These two “brothers” have faced similar problems in life and ended up in different places. Both of them growed up without real helpful parents. Leroy lived with his grandparents, and Dartanyon lived with his dad who was a addict. Both of them had a very unstable childhood. They both had disabilities which caused them to bond even more. Leroy had no legs, and Dartanyon had Leber disease which caused him to be legally blind. In high school they both were on the wrestling team. Dartanyon carried Leroy everywhere and Leroy helped Dartanyon see where he’s going and what he’s doing.They both graduated high school but took different paths. Leroy pursued to go to college to study video game design and worked on being the best father he could to his daughter. While Dartanyon pursued to go to the Olympics for Judo and triumph to win the bronze medal. Leroy’s future path was to have a great family and work on video game design. Dartanyon kept working on his Judo career winning many more medals for different events and staying at the training facility. Both of these inspiring people are a true example of how people persevere through their adversities.

Jackie Robinson- Problem Solution Infograph

Coca-Cola- Cause and Effect Paragraph

Coca Cola is starting to venture out and transform into making mini cans that are 7.5 oz for instead of 12 oz cans for many reasons. One reason is that they help the health of people. Due to the mini coke size they are drinking less coke which is less sugar and calories for them. This is amazing that Coke is selling these cans because of instead of grabbing a 12.5 oz can of Coke filled with sugar and calories you can grab a 7.5 oz can that has a lot of less sugar and calories in it, but still getting a refreshing drink. Another Reason coke is selling the cans is to make more money. Since it costs Coca Cola less to make but more in profit. These cans are such a good bargain for Coca Cola, and customers that they have grown very popular around the USA and other places.

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Winston Churchill- Sequence and Process Infograph

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Conclusion Paragraph

We can learn that if we use perseverance today we can get through anything. We can learn from others who have overcome adversity and do that so we can succeed. This is how to have perseverance.