Samuel Leibowitz

Esther Asamu

Samuel Leibowitz

  • a Romanian-born American criminal defense attorney, famously noted for winning the vast majority of his cases, who later became a judge in New York City. also known for defending the Scottsboro Boys
  • was born August 14, 1893, Iași Romania
  • Belle Munves on December 25, 1919 and fathered three children
  • died January 11, 1978, Brooklyn, New York City,


He was the first child of Isaac and Bina Lebeau, and arrived in New York City on March 14, 1897.The family lived in a tenement on Essex Street on the Lower East Side. His father had a small shop in East New York. He attended Jamaica high school and Cornell University. He received his law degree from Cornell in 1915.


Samuel was born august 14, 1893. He was the first child of Isaac and Bina Lebeau. He worked as counsel in dozens of notorious trials. He was best known as the counsel for the scottsboro boys, nine Southern African-American youths who were falsely accused of rape and sentenced to death in Alabama in 1931.