Facebook Safety

How to Stay Safe on Facebook

Is making your page private any Safer?

Ways to stay safe on Facebook. One way you think that you might be safer on Facebook is by making your Facebook page private, but that doesn't keep you any safer. When you make your Facebook page private it doesn't keep your entire information private, it still shows your full name, your profile picture, and all your contact information. Also if your profile is set to private any events that you make are not private and anyone can see them and RSVP to them. Also if you do put an invitation out there that you do not make private anybody can see your address and anything else you put in the invitation. So make sure that you make your invitation private.

Ways to make a strong password

Some other ways to stay safe on Facebook is by making sure you have a strong password, and make your profile only view-able to your friends. Also make sure you do not agree to be friends with someone that you do not know. Ways to make a strong password are by using symbols, making it at least eight letters long, and putting numbers in with it. Also using a variation of capital and lowercase letters, and not using common words like your name or nickname. These are some ways to make a strong password.

Some Examples of how Facebook is Unsafe and How to Stay Safe.

I hope you learned how to safe online!