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Team Justice News from Student Reporters

Team News from Justice Teachers

NWEA Testing started this week and will continue into next week. Our team's testing dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday, September 9
  • Monday, September 14
  • Thursday, September 17

These tests will occur during the last block of the school day (1:23-3:05). If at all possible, please try to avoid scheduling appointments during those days at that time. Also, please make sure they get a good night's rest and have a good breakfast.

Good Luck, Team Justice!

Math - Mrs. Grace

In Green math so far, we have learned about order of operations, variables, and algebraic expressions. In advanced math, we have reviewed fractions and decimal operations. Currently we are learning about integers and absolute value. Then the last math class is honors math and we are working on distributive property, combining like terms, and solving equations. We have played many math games to improve our skills and have fun in the process.

Below are pictures taken of decimal review stations.-Bella Gray, Erik Sveen, Evan Wodock, Maddie Kruger, Olivia Pate, and Tala Assaf

Language Arts - Mrs. Kovach

Everybody is having a lot of fun in Mrs.Kovach’s language arts classes. She teaches honors and non-honors classes. In non-honors classes they are reading the book Wonder. Wonder is a book about a boy who was born with craniofacial deformity. They are also learning about the parts of speech and sentence diagramming. In the honors language arts classes they are working on sentence diagramming and Word Within the Word.They are currently on list two. Word Within the Word teaches students lots of latin stems and their meanings. The book they are currently reading is The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt and site reading for words and topics of the conversations in class. They are working on comparing and contrasting Shakespeare to the book. They are also working on a project for writing a letter to the author to a book of their choice.That’s all for now; see you later. -William Woodhouse, Abby Guntz, Adaw Ewing, Isaac Saghir, Gillian Thompson, and Chloe Winn

Social Studies - Mr. Anderson

In social studies with Mr.Anderson, we learn about government, latitude & longitude, cultures, and so much more! Also, we get to hear what’s going on outside the classroom and in the real world with CNN Student News! CNN Student News is a fun way to learn about important events happening all around the world! Pretty cool, huh? Mr.Anderson is great, and I’m sure many other students agree. Well, that’s the news! Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed learning a little more about social studies With Mr.Anderson! -Tanuj Mangalam, Julia Henn, Abbey Street, and Hannah Wirth

Science - Mr. Ellington

This week in science we are doing hypotheses practices. Part of that practice includes practicing the three steps of making a hypothesis. We are also learning about variables.Variables are the one thing in an experiment that you can change to effect the result. You ONLY change the variable, and you keep everything else exactly the same.There are different types of variables. For example, the independent variable is the cause of your hypothesis, and a dependent variable is the effect of your hypothesis. That is all you need to know about science with Mr. Ellington!! -Kylah Guieb, Adi Ariyur, Jacob Zhang, Bella Davis, Caroline Scharf, Tyler Hankins

Wellness - Mr. Cole

Currently in wellness we are in the health room. We are learning about our physical health and the condition of our body, our mental/emotional health and what makes us happy, sad, etc., and our social health, which is how we get in touch with our friends/family. Lastly, our environment is how we are surrounded with people that can affect us and our mood in positive and negative ways. The project involving these things are that we are making a scrapbook about our own physical, mental/emotional, and social health and our environment. We are finding images on Google that have to do with our own health to print off and write short description for each picture about what it has to do with our own health. That’s what we are doing in health class. -Evan Shi, Libby Lefevere, Jacob Follman, Brenna White, and Ripley Moore

Clay Way Superheroes

The Clay Way - Being respectful, being responsible, being ready to learn, and being full of pride. We would like to acknowledge the following Team Justice students for living out the Clay Way each and every day.

  • Kathleen Lemme
  • Bailey Cappella
  • Daniel Tanner

Congratulations! Keep up the great work!