daily newspapaer

26th august 2013 luke mcintyre

bus dropped off claymore springs

There was a black van with 4 people in it. They were driving through Claymore. We see a toddler in the middle of the road and Fred gets out of the van to save the toddler and then Fred turns around and we see that he is actually a midget . He is called Prospero, he tries to sell Fred drugs. Fred says "no thanks, get off the road". The Prospero tells Fred to get out of claymore because something is about to happen between Prospero the drugs lord and King Naples the rival drugs lord (Fred's dad).The prospero run off and a van drifts around him and smashes into freds bus and the black van flips off the bridge and rolling down the hill almost killing everyone and it stops near a river.Fred run to the cliff and said my subway and everyone its scattered everywhere over claymore springs some people where flotting down the river and people have been killed. Ferdinand see Miranda Ferdinand its on a the bridges and Miranda slepping in the woods and ferdinand is in love with Miranda. ferdinand goes to get Miranda, he wants to kiss her. the live happily ever after.