2014 Olympics


Snowboarding just invented by Tom Sims!

It was invented in the United States in 1963 by Tom Sims

Nagano Hosts the Olympics

It was first introduced to the Olympics in 1998 where it was held in Nagano, China. Two different types of Snowboarding were held at that time.

Some types of snowboarding

Snowboarding Schedule Feb 8-9

February 8 9:30 Men's Slope style semifinals

February 8 12:45 Men's Slope style finals

February 9 10:30 Ladies Slope style semifinals

February 9 1:15 Ladies slope style finals

Location of 2014 winter Olympics Sochi Russia

Snowboarding Equipment

To snowboard you have to have the following equipment

Eye wear, gloves, thick socks, backpack, jacket, snow pants, helmet, wrist guards , knee and elbow pads, and a snowboard