Woodlawn Early Years School

October 2022 Newsletter

Message From The Principals

What an amazing September we have had at Woodlawn School. It has been so great welcoming our students and their families. Our Meet the Teacher evening was very well attended and we as a staff are so thankful for the partnership we have with our families.

Our student support team has also been busy working behind the scenes to help make sure students are getting the support they need. We started class profile meetings with each teacher to review the strengths and needs in each class. Then, we will meet as a team to determine the best ways to meet the needs of all of our diverse learners. For some classes this may look like additional literacy support from one of our literacy support teachers or support from one of our learning support teachers to work with small math groups. Our support team includes:

Learning Support Teachers - Glenda Maendel (K,1), Amanda Bilevicius (1/2, 2, 3/4A, 3/4B), Courtney Gangloff (3, 3/4M, 3/4D, 4)

Literacy Support Teachers- April Harder (1, 1/2, 3), Katherine Peters (2, 3/4, 4)

Guidance Counsellors - Sandy Caners (K,1,2,3/4A, 3/4B), Courtney Gangloff (3, 3/4M, 3/4D, 4)

Monica Martens - Curriculum Support Teacher

Our school division offers clinical services including speech and language pathology, educational psychology, occupational therapy, and social work services. Our support team manages these caseloads and helps decide which students are in need of clinical services.

If you feel that your child is struggling academically or emotionally, please reach out to his/her teacher. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call either one of us at the school.

Karen Fraser and Tara Reimer

Message From the School Counselors

Hello Woodlawn families! Back to school comes with a wide range of emotions - for all of us! All the changes can feel pretty overwhelming at times. And even though the first weeks of school are behind us, there are many other reasons big feelings will come our way throughout the school year. This is a normal part of living and life. Here are things we can do to help children (and ourselves) manage big emotions:

1) Acknowledge the feelings - ALL of them! All of us, kids and adults alike, experience positive and difficult emotions. Sometimes we may even feel nervous and worried and excited and hopeful all at the same time! If we give kids space and opportunity to name their feelings, and acknowledge them, it actually helps to tame them. Big feelings come and go more easily when they are listened to and acknowledged.

2) Remind our kids: We can do hard things! Starting in a new class can be hard. Making new friends can be hard. Adjusting to new routines can be hard. Doing hard things is what helps us build confidence as we find out how strong and capable we are. It’s how we learn!

3) Focus on strengths and gratitude. When your child feels anxious about school, help them to brainstorm who at school is there to help them, who makes them laugh or smile, who, and how, they can ask for help. What tools do they have to help when they feel upset? What are some things they enjoy about school or people they enjoy being with?

4) Remember kids need self-care too. Do what you can to ensure quality time at home for connection and downtime. Experts cannot stress enough the importance of physical activity, good nutrition and lots of sleep in terms of how these affect the positive mental health of our kids.

As a school counsellor, our job is to assist kids in their social and emotional development so they can experience success in school. This is done through school-wide programming, classroom instruction, small group work, and individual counselling. If at any point you feel your child would benefit from some additional support, we hope you will feel free to contact one of us or your child's teacher. If your concern is beyond the realm of school counselling support, our team can help connect you with outside supports as well.

Sandy Caners, School Counsellor - scaners@hsd.ca

Courtney Gangloff, School counsellor - cgangloff@hsd.ca

LOVE LITERACY - Tips and Tricks from Literacy Support

You really “AUTUMN” know …

The best books for the Fall season!

As the weather cools and the evenings get darker, children may find themselves inside more than they were in summer. Having books close at hand is always a great idea, and there are many that suit this time of year. The following picture books can be signed out at our Woodlawn library or the Jake Epp Public Library. You can also find read-alouds of each of these picture books on YouTube.

Leif and the Fall by Allison Sweet Grant

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman

Many book series include books with an autumn theme. Try reading one of these chapter books together to get your child hooked on one of these series:

Geronimo Stilton: The Peculiar Pumpkin Thief

Bailey School Kids: Ninjas Don’t Bake Pumpkin Pies

Magic Tree House: Thanksgiving on Thursday

Ready, Freddy!: The Pumpkin Elf Mystery

We hope you “FALL” in love with reading!

Numeracy News

This section of our newsletter is dedicated to numeracy! We know that not everyone has positive feelings and memories about numeracy and mathematics. We hope that we can not only help our students find joy in math, but also help parents and families find this joy as well. Math class has transformed to so much more than procedures and math facts. We are teaching our students how to think critically about concepts in math. We want our students to not only solve problems, but to seek them out. We want our students to take risks in math and to make lots of mistakes as they explore new problems. We want our students to team up and collaborate as they make sense of the world of numbers, patterns, and shapes. We want to hear exciting conversations as they explore concepts and deepen their thinking.

Most importantly, we want our students to walk away from school with a positive story and mathematical identity. We want our students to see themselves as mathematicians.

Each month, we will share something related to numeracy. Sometimes this may be highlighting some of the exciting learning our students are doing and sometimes it may be something families can explore at home.

Every Child Matters

Orange Shirt Day 2022 included a drum group called Sons of the Drum with drumming, singing and teaching about the drum and why it’s important. There were many parents, caregivers and their families that joined us in the playground on a beautiful warm day.

We are working on programming for Elders and Knowledge Keepers to be involved in our school again this year. This year we’re hoping to expand the programming to include classrooms at the teacher’s request. We will provide more information once funding has been approved and we’ve connected with the Elders and Knowledge Keepers. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and especially if you are connected to people who carry teachings and knowledge that you think our students would benefit from. We’d love to establish partnerships with those who may already be connected to our students and their families. Please be in touch with Monica Martens (mmartens@hsd.ca) if you have any suggestions.
Big picture

Hearing Screening

Hearing screening will take place at Woodlawn School on October 18, 19, and 20. A follow up round will take place on November 22. The purpose of the screening is to identify children who may have educational difficulties due to the presence of undiagnosed permanent or long-term hearing impairment. Early identification is expected to result in earlier intervention and thus fewer and less severe associated difficulties.

All students in Kindergarten and grade 1 will be screened, new students to Hanover School Division, and students whose teachers have suggested hearing screening. Children with known hearing impairments will not be screened. The students will be brought to the area where the screening is taking place by a staff member or a parent volunteer.

If after the screening it is determined that further testing with an audiologist is needed, parents/guardians will be contacted by the school.

If you have any questions about the screening please contact Karen Fraser or Tara Reimer at the school.

Hanover Parent Child Community Program

The Hanover Parent and Child Community Program invites parents and their preschool children to attend free parent-child programming!

This program is provided to promote school readiness. Children will have the opportunity to play, learn, create, sing, and develop skills to prepare them for kindergarten. Parents will be able to visit with other parents and participate in activities with their children. Programming is free and snacks will be provided. Families can attend once or twice a week or drop by when able.

We will follow the same schedule as the divisional school calendar in regards to school closure days and inclement weather.

Parents please report to the office for check in and park in the church parking lot across from the school.

We will meet on Monday mornings from 9:15 to 11:45 am and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 - 3:30 pm.

We will start the week of October 10, 2022.

We will meet in Hut 35 at Woodlawn School. Children should bring indoor footwear.

Please contact Stacey Marcoux at 204-326-9829 or email smarcoux@hsd.ca should you have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

News from PAC

Staff Appreciation

We ended September with celebrating the amazing staff we have at Woodlawn school!

A huge thank you to all the parents/guardian’s who baked or purchased items. It was greatly appreciated.

Hot Lunch

Hot lunch will be available every Tuesday this year! We are very excited to be able to provide lots of options for kids.

Keep up to date by watching for email alerts, Instagram or the Woodlawn webpage.


We are so excited to be selling Niakwa frozen pizzas and gift cards as a fundraiser. With the money raised we will be expanding our outdoor play area. We are looking at getting a new play structure with accessibility. This will mean raising significant funds so any donations are also greatly appreciated.
We are also looking forward to offering some great incentives for our students . . .
Niakwa is donating a grand prize for the top seller. As well as a pizza party for the class with the most sales. The Woodlawn PAC will also be giving away prizes for the 2nd highest seller and everyone who sells will be entered to win a prize as well.

Next PAC meeting

Wednesday, October 12th at 6pm.

Important agenda addition.

Electing a NEW Chair. Nominations accepted until October 12th.

If you have any questions or would like to be nominated, please reach out to


It’s an exciting year ahead and we look forward to working with you!

Woodlawn PAC

scented products

Please note that we are scent aware at our school and on our buses. Scented products can aggravate problems for some people, especially those with fragrance sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions.

Parent Portal/Student Information

The HSD Parent Portal is a communications tool designed to enhance and increase parent/guardian involvement in the education of their children by providing secure online access to their child's student information. We encourage all parents/guardians to set up a parent portal account. With a single username and password you can access data for each of your children attending an HSD school. If you have not yet set up an account for each of your children please contact the school office for the access codes and set up information.

Please take a few minutes to review the student information and contact information for your child. It is important that the school has current address and contact information for your child in case it is necessary to reach someone during the school day. Contact the office for any changes that need to be made on the parent portal.

picture day

Mark your Calendar for our School Picture Day on

Wednesday, October 19 for KS1, KM1, Gr. 1, 2, and 3R

Thursday, October 20 for KM2, KS2, KR2, Gr. 3, Gr 3/4

and Gr. 4

For your convenience orders may be placed online.

All students will be photographed for school service products.

For Tips on preparing for photo day visit www.lifetouch.ca

Any questions, please call Lifetouch at 1-866-457-8212 or email: guestservices@lifetouch.ca

School Attendance Reminder

If your child will be away from school or will be late or will not be returning to school after any of our nutrition/activity breaks please ensure you call the school at 204-326-6110 or email woodlawn@hsd.ca to let us know. If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent please enter the absence in your child's parent portal account, email woodlawn@hsd.ca, leave a voice mail, or write a note in their agenda. When the school is not advised of an absence or late arrival, the office begins a call back procedure to parents and emergency contacts. Many of these calls can be avoided if parents call ahead to advise us of the absence.

Terry Fox Fundraiser

Thanks to all the students who brought a money for the Terry Fox Fundraiser. We will be donating $275 to the Terry Fox Foundation.

LOOKING for some loose parts!

We are hoping to incorporate some opportunities for students to engage in imaginative play with a variety of loose parts during recess and we need your help.

We are looking for donations of 2x4s and PVC pipes of varying diameters.

Lengths of 5 feet or shorter would be preferred.

Donations can be dropped off at the Woodlawn office anytime from 8:30-4:30.

Thanks in advance for your help!


The Grow-A-Row program coordinated by Southeast Helping Hands will be running October 3-7, 2022. Any families wishing to drop off produce are encouraged to do so at Southeast Helping Hands from 9am - 4 pm on those dates. They are looking for donations of garden produce (carrots, potatoes, beets, etc.)

Traffic Safety

To ensure the safety of our students and due to congestion of our staff parking lots and bus loop areas, parents are not to enter those areas between 8:15 - 4:30. Also note there is no public parking available at Entrance D (Barkman Street) at any time. All parking is reserved for school staff. If you are dropping off or picking up your child please park on Henry Street or on the church parking lot across from the school. For the safety of your child we request that you escort your child across Henry Street. For students' safety, please avoid parking along Barkman Street across from the school during 8:30 - 9:00 am and 3:30 - 4:00 pm.

If your children walk to and from school it is always best if they walk in small groups and never alone. There is a crossing guard at the corner of Penner and Barkman from 8:35-8:53 and 3:45- 4:00. There is a crossing guard at the corner of Hespler and Ashford/Barkman from 8:30-8:50 and 3:30-4:00. Please remind your children to always go straight to school/home so they don't miss the crossing guards.


An urban bus catchment area map is posted on the HSD website. Any urban or rural bus that will be late due to weather or mechanical issues is listed on the HSD website under the bus delay tab.

Go to the drop down menu of Services/Transportation Services and you can select:

1. School Bus Delay Bulletins - where any bus that is late is posted with the approximate delay.

2. Catchment Maps

Thank you for checking these options before calling the Hanover School Division Transportation Department with your questions regarding bus delays and Steinbach urban bus routes times and maps. Any questions for transportation please call 204-320-2347.

Bus Safety Week October 17 - 20

Most school bus fatalities occur when children are outside the bus and 75% of these fatalities involve children under the age of nine.

Things Parents Should Know About Bus Safety

  • School buses are the safest form of transportation
  • The most dangerous part of the bus ride is getting on and off the bus
  • Young children are most likely to be struck because they:
  • Hurry to get on and off the bus
  • Act before they think and have little experience with traffic
  • Assume motorists will see them
  • Don't always stay within the sight of the driver

Things Children Should Know About Bus Safety

  • Stand back from the curb
  • NEVER run to or from the bus
  • NEVER try to pick up something that has fallen under the bus
  • Stay in your seat and sit quietly so that the driver is not distracted
  • Wait for the driver's signal and then cross in FRONT of the bus

Fire Safety Week

Fire Prevention Week begins on Sunday October 3, 2021 and the Office of the Fire Commissioner website has been updated with all Fire Prevention Week – “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!” material.

The Brochure is available in English and French and children Kindergarden to Grade 4 can complete the entry form either on-line or hard copy and submit it to the Office of the Fire Commissioner by fax, email or mail. The deadline date is November 13, 2020. Once again, there will be five draws, one for each grade level. Each draw is for a $200.00 LEGO Store Gift Card.

Please visit the following link to our webpage:


Since this past Monday, Public Service Announcements on kitchen safety have been playing on radio stations throughout Manitoba and will continue until October 18, 2020. Over the next couple of weeks, Fire Prevention Week messaging “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!” will be going out on FaceBook and Twitter as well as the Manitoba Government page.

Visit Manitoba.ca to see the “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!” banner that will be located on the lower right hand side of the page, and will link to the Office of the Fire Commissioner website.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail on to all who would benefit and to help us bring awareness of fire prevention in the kitchen and in the home during this important week.

We still have brochures available to send out, so let me know if you would like hard copies.

Thanks everyone, and good luck to all who enter the draw!

Kelly McLean

Municipal Support Officer/Public Education Officer

Office of the Fire Commissioner

1601 Van Horne Avenue East

Brandon MB R7A 7K2




Nutrition Bits & Bites

Are you looking for some healthy eating tips? Check here for ideas!