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Stephen F. Austin

the future he waited for

Vote for Stephen F. Austin, because he led the first legal and ultimately colonization by bringing families to the United States

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Come to Harrisburg, Texas and elect Stephen F. Austin. He will help the Texans, and try to be a better person.

Vote For The Leader of Texas: Stephen F. Austin

A New Direction with a Fresh Approach

1. Stephen F. Austin has many years of experience. At the age of 21, Stephen F. Austin was elected to the territorial Legislature of Missouri, and was reelected to that position each year until 1819.

2. His father received a grant of land in Texas for purposes of colonization. After his father's death, Stephen carried out his wishes to colonize Anglo Texas as it was still under Mexico's rule.

3. Stephen F. Austin is known for many contributions before during and after Texas' Revolution with Mexico. He made many trips into the United States to obtain support for his countrymen in Texas, speaking words of encouragement and hope during the revolution.

4. Stephen F. Austin died early from disease at the early age of 43 on December 27, 1836.