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Room 322 - Week of May 2, 2016

Upcoming Dates/Info & Announcements

1. Happy Mothers' Day to all moms and grandmas! We are especially grateful to those of you who took the time to celebrate our May crowning Mass with us this past Wednesday. Thank you for all you do for your children.

2. "Music Man, Jr." is coming to ICSJ on Friday and Saturday. See the parent blast for details concerning ticket sales. It's sure to be a fun-filled night!

3. Our next Family Mass will be on Sunday, May 15, at 11 a.m. at St. Joseph's church. Hope to see you there!

4. A special thanks goes out to all who supported "Jerseys for Wishes" on Thursday - students from the SO WHAT club will be adding up the donations after school on Friday, so we'll have a total to announce next week. It was fun to see so many different teams (from personal to college to pro) being represented around the school!

5. Be sure to review and sign your child's red folder this weekend. Here are the assessments coming home from my classes:

*6LA: figurative language quiz, figurative language booklet, key speaker summary for religion projects

*6 Rel: Monotheism project rubric

*8 Rel: None

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This week in Room 322...

6 LA

Students wrapped up poetry this week with a figurative language/poetry journal entry on their independent/choice reading book. We even noticed figurative language in our mentor text, The Cay. Figurative language is everywhere!

In grammar students had to differentiate between past perfect and present perfect tenses. The key will be to apply the knowledge to their own writing. Students also worked on properly formatting dialogue in their writing.

This week's root word was STRICT, which means "to bind." Next week's root word will be SOLUT.

In preparing for our last book club groups of the year, students built their background knowledge about their respective books: Shooting Kabul and The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Students completed a webquest, read and discussed articles, and completed preview activities before starting their first reading assignment. (The reading schedule and groups can be found HERE.)

6 Religion

Students presented their monotheism projects on Monday and Tuesday - lots of interesting facts helped the students understand more about the similarities and differences among the major three monotheistic religions. On Thursday the students completed a creative reflection project that allowed them to explore more of the "why" behind what we just finished studying: why does it all matter and how can this help us in developing tolerance and understanding (on a personal and global level) moving forward?

On Friday the students completed their next respective Bible studies through dramatizations, questions, and other activities.

8 Religion

This week's focus was on the Holocaust, especially in looking at the rise of anti-Semitism and prejudice against other groups targeted during WWII. During the first part of the week the students examined a poem written about the Holocaust as it connects to the Biblical story of Adam, Eve, Cain, & Abel. They also gathered information from stations around the room that gave them greater insight into some background information and more about what happened during the Holocaust. Some of the facts were really surprising!

Later in the week, the students watched most of the documentary "Paper Clips" that takes a look at one school's efforts to increase student awareness about diversity and tolerance by studying the Holocaust. What started out as a small project soon became much bigger and impactful than anyone expected.

It is my hope that what we have been learning about this week will give the 8th graders another approach to the events of the Holocaust so that they may more fully and deeply appreciate their field trip to the Holocaust Museum on May 18th.

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