St Mary's School

Wednesday 16th March 2022

Put your whole confidence in God - Catherine McAuley

Dear parents, children and parishoners,

What a lot to celebrate this week - our children are continuing to work hard, and 'knuckle down' into their learning, their support for one another and even for the wider community. They have received some terrific thank you letters from the parish, from CARITAS and for some individuals they have received them from me.

This week will be celebrating a taste of home with St Patrick's Day - don't forget to wear your green, and of course eat your greens on Thursday 17th March. Parents if you are doing Lent the hard way I do believe (in my heart) that St Patrick's day is a feast and you should set aside your ashes for that day:)

God bless, Annie

Royal New Zealand Ballet

Isn't it amazing what you can get done online nowadays?

Last week we were joined by Lauren Byrne for the New Zealand Ballet Company. The dancers were amazing, and they have already sent their thank you cards and received a lovely reply from Lauren about how great the kids were and how she would like to share their work on the RNZB website. Thanks Miss Sutherland for organising this treat. Stretching pictures below!


Mia Wilkins won the freestyle for year 5 and 6 girls, and came 8th in the backstroke for the same year group in the Primary School Southern Championship.

... And while I am here, huge congratulations to Mia and Jack's mum, Donna Wilkins, for her Netball New Zealand service award, an incredible achievement. Great to see someone recgonised for their commitment and support for the younger generation. Looking forward to Donna coming and sharing her story with us!

Big picture

Super Sprinting Squirrel

Propelling into the dark sticky branch. The hunt is on, sprinting away from the fluffing hawk. Springing branch to branch, extending my amazing body. Jumping into my leafy burrow. It's shaking, it's very scary “Aahh”. Feeling my bones cracking on the ground. Hesitating while crawling up the barky tree. Seeing my small hole. Zooming in, the hawk is right behind me. Scurrying into the small hole.”Phew, I'm safe…………… for now!”

By Myia (Room Kiwi)

The Zooming Squirrel

Zooming through the trees, leaping tree to tree, extending my body. Leaping my body in the cold air, sprinting for my life. Plopping on the rustling leaves, the sticky bark sticking to my furry little feet. Trying to stay alive! Breathing heavily as l climb up the old barky tree, my claws gripping on the tree, hoping I don't fall. Crouching, so the massive hawk doesn't see me, puffing so much it feels like I’m going to explode. Sprinting as fast as my little legs can take me. Hiding in an old nest, trying to breathe. How much air l can take in? Hearing the hawk's wings flapping as my heart rushes. Sprinting to my hole in the tree, trying to fit in the hole, my little body is going through. Grabbing the acorn shoving it into my mouth nervously. Will l survive ?

By Johanca (Room Kiwi)

Get away!

Leaping from branch to branch as the crackling leaves spill across my face. My heart is beating as fast as it has ever before. Finding a hole in the barky tall tree. Pushing my head in and just pushing my body in as the eagle tries to swoop me. Will I survive?

By Gus (Room Kiwi)

Marching March

Before the weather turns have you (if you live close enough) considered walking/biking/scootering to and from school? Good for the heart, the brain and the parking :)

"Walking encourages our brain to release endorphins, a neurotransmitter that boosts our mental health."

I know it isn't possible for everyone due to distance and family pressures, but it is so good for mental health that I am considering walking from Maitland daily :)

Upcoming events

Week 7

Gospel and prayers, Room Tui,

Thursday St Patrick's green mufti, bring a gold coin for Caritas,

Week 8

Gospel and prayers, Room Tākahe,

Wednesday 23rd and Friday 25th - John Parsons online for internet safety, for students, all parents welcome to join in via zoom and a parents evening online - more information to come

Thursday 7pm 24th Home and School meeting - please sign up to the Home and School 2022 alerts on the school app

Week 9

Gospel and prayers, Room Piwakawaka

Week 10

Gospel and prayers, Room Pūkeko

Monday to Wednesday Year 6 camp

Thursday 7th evening Board meeting 7pm

Week 11

Gospel and prayers, Annie

Thursday 14th - Easter Liturgy

School finishes for term 1 at the usual time Thursday 14th