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What is a Supernova?

A Supernova is a star that has used up all it fuel and collapsed and shortly after it explodes and looks like a brighter star, but only last for three weeks.
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More Information On Supernovas.

Here are some more information on Supernovas. There are two kinds of Supernovas, there is one when a star is compressed until it can't be compressed any more and gets brighter and you normally see these for a few years and then there is a Supernova explosion when normally bigger stars run out of central fuse and explodes. Either way both of these are one of the most violent part of a star's life. The first ever supernova observed was in 1987. One of the most famous Supernova is Crab Nebula. When a star compresses and becomes brighter it slowly fades over time. Supernova's can also reach the temperature of One billion eight hundred million fahrenheit. The gas in a Supernova can make planets and stars. These normally don't happen in the Milky Way. The clouds of gas are called Puppis A.
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Here is a short clip

Crab Supernova Explosion [1080p]


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