Computer System

Why is a IPhone 6S a Computer System?

What is a Computer System?

A computer system is a computer/device that insists of a software that makes the device function properly.

Why is this phone a Computer System?

This is a computer system because it posses all the does all the.steps to be a Computer System, which is to input, process, output and store data. Also it turns the data, which has been processed, into information.

The New IPhone 6s

iPhone 6s is made out of 700 series of aluminum, the maximum of aluminum Apple has used. It features Retina HD display made from excellent cover glass. they are available in: Silver, Gold, Space Gray amd Rose Gold.


  1. You can type on the screen and it will appear then you can
  2. You click the home button
  3. You push the power button
  4. You switch the silent button


  1. Once its sinked to a printer,which will then print it
  2. It will either go off of any app that you are on and go to the home screen or wake up the phone if it is sleeping.
  3. The power will go off
  4. It turns off any ringer that is going off and will go off
iPhone 6S – Complete Beginners Guide

It has Everything!

The IPhone 6s is already equipped with all your essentials. It is a excellent phone and is already the number one phone in America.