Rajasthani Traditional Costumes

Rajasthani clothes of men's & women's

Rajasthani Clothes of Men and Women

Rajasthan is the colorful state because of it's people wearing attractive clothes. The low monotone of the sands and hills look cheery with the dynamic spirits of the people who wear brilliant colors to make up for the absence of blossoming flowers. Beautiful clothes and jewelery of these people are not common ornaments of them. From head-to-toe including the turbans, jewelery , clothes and the footwear makes their identity, religion and the economic and social image in Rajasthan. The Rajasthani clothes of males and females are well defined and is made according to the climate and conditions in which they live.

Men's Apparel :-

Here in Rajasthan, it's a proverb that 'taste in food, a raga in music and knots in a pagari are rare achievement.' Color of the turban (Pagari), its the style and how it is tied is the special attention from the people here as it express the caste and region from where the person belongs. The people of Udaipur wears a flat turban, while turbans of Jaipuriya's are crossing, thus the Jodhpuri safa has distinction of having slightly curved bands. The Angarakha is usually made up of cotton. Dhotis or pajamas use to covering the lower part of the body. And mostly men's wear white dhotis in vogue but on occasions, people also wear silk dhotis with a zari border.

Women's Apparel :-

The Rajasthani females wear long skirts (ankle-length) along with narrow waist that gain width looks like an umbrella from the base. It is called 'Ghaghara'. Thus, the length has been kept a little bit short on purpose, so that foot jewelery will be show. The width and the number of crimps in 'Ghaghara'. You will get it many colors and designs. Skirt will not be folded at the lower end like normal skirts but a width colored fabric known as sinjaf is sewn underneath to make it stronger. The Ghagaras come in many designs but the most popular ones are dyed or printed cotton along with mothra, laharia and chunari prints just like the turbans of the men's. And the odhani is made it in a cotton cloth that shows as a cover of women.