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Month of January

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Educate. Encourage. Empower.

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A Peek at Our Weeks

1/6 Staff Development/ Student Holiday

1/7 School Resumes

1/9 Report Cards Go Home

1/14 90th Day of School

1/15 SDC Meeting

1/20 Student/Staff Holiday (No School)

1/25 Lunar New Year

1/29 100th Day of School

1/30 Progress Reports Go Home

4th Grade Writing DCA

1/31 Dad and Me Event

Chancellor Elementary 2020 Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Monique Ratcliff

Monique Rice Ratcliff has the honor of being named the 2020 Chancellor Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Ratcliff has 21 years of teaching experience, of which 5 has been in Alief ISD at Chancellor Elementary. She has taught grade levels 1st, 3rd and 4th. She is also the coach and facilitator of Chancellor Dance Ensemble. Mrs. Ratcliff believes all students should be taught from the inside out. Her desire is to groom and enhance the whole child. She also believes that coupling character with an understanding of life-long learning will produce students who are even more empowered self-assured, and productive individuals.

Congratulations Mrs. Ratcliff from the entire Chancellor Family!

Celebrating 100 Days of School

January 29th

Here are a few ways your child can celebrate the 100th day of school with us!

  • 100th Day Shirt
  • Dress as a 100 year old
  • 100th Day Cape

Dad and Me

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Library Corner

The Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Program

The Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Program starts January 17 and ends March 27. If students read 10 hours during this 10 weeks they will get a FREE admission ticket to Schlitterbahn. A reading log was sent home on 01/13/20. Please turn your child’s completed reading log into their teacher by March 27, 2017.


Welcome back! The second semester is busy in the gym! We have many events coming up!

This month we are learning how to jump rope. Jump rope is excellent exercise that gets your heart beating fast to improve fitness! Consider getting one for the family to have. We are selling them before school for $2 if you want one. February 7th is our Jump Rope for Heart event. This has been a Chancellor tradition for over 25 years. You child will be bringing home info soon about collecting donations for the American Heart Association. Students who donate $50 or more will be able to pour slime on Coach Smith and Coach Dale. J Donations need to be turned in by February 7th. Please help if you can!

3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will begin taking the FitnessGram test. This is a required state test to see how healthy and fit students are. The test will consist of jogging as long as possible, doing push ups and sit ups with correct form and checking flexibility. The nurse will also check height and weight. We work hard on fitness starting in kindergarten. Please keep practicing at home each day.

Healthy Snack-Frozen Yogurt Sandwich

All students are hungry after a day of working hard at school. Instead of having a bag of chips or cookies waiting for them when they get home, have the ingredients for a healthy snack.

Ingredients: graham crackers, frozen yogurt, banana

Smear a scoop of frozen yogurt on a graham cracker. Add a few slices of banana. Top with another graham cracker. Enjoy a yummy sandwich.


Practice math facts while doing exercises. The type of equation will depend on your grade level. 1st-3rd will probably want to add and subtract. 4th-5th can add, subtract, multiply or divide.

Have someone give you a math problem and you show the answer with an exercise.

Example: 2+2=4 (Do 4 jumping jacks)

Exercise ideas: push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, knee bends, lunges, mountain climbers, toe touches, high kicks, jog in place for the amount of seconds that matches the answer, etc.

Keep Moving!
Coach Smith and Coach Dale


Reminders For Parents

Student success is our goal at Chancellor Elementary.

We need your help!

•Spirit T-Shirts and Planners can be purchased in the front office ($10 for student shirts, $12 for adult shirts, and $2 for planners for grades 3-5)

•Please bring ID to sign in when you plan to come into the school for breakfast, a parent conference, etc.

•Breakfast is open every day to parents who sign in

Parents please note that tardies start at 7:55 am and all remaining students and parents will be dismissed from the cafeteria. If a child arrives after 7:55 am, the child will be permitted to eat breakfast in the cafeteria until 8:05 am, however no parent is allowed to stay with the tardy student.

•Lunch is closed to parents due to lack of space but we will host a parent lunch day several times a year

School Clubs and Tutorials

After School Club- Choir

Sponsor: Ms. Spitz

Meeting Day/Time: Wednesdays- 3:40 pm to 4:40 pm

After School Club- Leading Ladies

Sponsor: Ms. Simuel

Meeting Day/Time: Mondays- 3:40 pm to 4:40 pm

Specific dates will be sent home by Sponsor.

After School Club- Student Council

Sponsor: Ms. Watts

Meeting Day/Time: Every other Wednesday-3:40 pm to 4:40 pm

Specific dates will be sent home by Sponsor.

After School Club- Violin

Sponsor: Ms. Posey

Meeting Day/Time: Monday/Thursday- 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm

Specific dates will be sent home by Sponsor.

After School Club- Arts and Crafts

Sponsor: Ms. Dao

Meeting Day/Time: Wednesdays -3:40 pm to 4:30 pm

Specific dates will be sent home by Sponsor.

Morning School Club- 5th Grade Art Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Kettner

Meeting Day/Time: 7:20 am

Specific dates will be sent home by Sponsor.


Teacher: 5th Grade Ms. Watts

Date/Time: Tuesday/Thursday 3:40 pm to 4:40 pm

Any cancellations will be posted on the school's website or a notification will be sent home by the sponsor.


Every Alief ISD student that is a bus rider has been provided with a SMART Tag from the district. The SMART Tag monitors students loading and unloading, providing real-time information to the Transportation Department, school, and the parent. It is very important for students to have their SMART Tag as it helps increase safety and security for students riding on the bus. If your child has lost or misplaced his/her SMART Tag, the replacement cost is $5.00 ($4.00 for badge and $1 for clear holder).

Go to Parent Portal and register to take advantage of the SMART tag parent features. If you are using a smartphone, you will be prompted to save the web app to your home screen. This will place the Parent App tile on your mobile device for easy access.

Children Interacting Afterschool

Free Meal • Homework Help • Fun Enrichment • Certified Instructors

Chancellor Elementary is now enrolling students for our FREE afterschool program.

Children Interacting Afterschool (CIA) provides educational, enrichment, and recreational activities that develop each student's educational competence, physical and social development, and community and family involvement in the educational setting.

Register Today! (works best on a desktop or laptop)

BoxTops for Education

We collect @BTFE. Please look for the Box Tops and send them in. They DO expire so please do not hold on to them for too long. Box Tops for Education will pay up to $10,000 per school year.

No more clipping. No more sending Box Tops to school. All you need is your phone. Download the ALL-NEW Box Tops app, shop as you normally would, then simply scan your store receipts to find participating products. The app will automatically credit your school's Box Tops earnings online.

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