Frenchtown Academic News

for the week of October 13, 2015

Terrific Tuesday Liaisons needed for Mrs. Rakovic's PM class!

Due to changes in Itinerant scheduling, FUN FRIDAY will now be TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

We will host quarterly events, beginning in December.

Thank you to our Grade Level Liaisons:


Mrs. Elson's class: Chad Kavanaugh and Meg Maurice

Mrs. Rakovic's class:

AM: Val Knight and Melissa Shaw


Grade 1: Ericka Owens, Nikki Berte, Jill Spitzer and Laura Santilli

Grade 2: Linda Settipane and Howard Faunce

For more information, please reach out to Mrs. Vaughn

Happy Birthday Frenchtown Friends!

10/12: Lillian K.

10/17: Courtney C.

10/13 Miss D'Abbraccio

10/15: Mrs. Campion

In the classrooms:



Identify and describe 2D and 3D shapes




Letters: c, o

Word awareness

Syllable count



Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds


b. Count syllables in spoken words.


Open House on 10/14! The students are very excited to share with you all they have learned so far this year!

Grade 1:


-We continue to work on subtraction. The children have been learning to use the clues in word problems to create and solve subtraction problems. This is challenging. We encourage you to look at the way that subtraction is being presented- particularly in the word problems- and try to reinforce this at home. Children are encouraged to try and write their own word problems if they are able.


-We have been writing, writing and writing! Children have been writing about squirrels, seasons, fire safety and all about themselves.

Fundations instruction has begun. We are focusing on key letter sounds/pictures. We are learning proper formation of lowercase letter formation. We will have packets for parents at Open House that will explain all about this.


First graders are making tops, mobiles and all other types of things that roll, spin and twirl! They are learning about all types of “motion”.

Grade 2:


Students are continuing to practice place value of larger numbers, and comparing larger numbers using mathematical symbols.

Parent Letter for Math


Second graders continue to write narratives as well as journal writing.

We will be reading both fiction and non-fiction literature on a daily basis.


Students will begin tracking the weather on a daily basis. We will be watching weather trends as seasons change.

Open House tomorrow!

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 6-7pm

1100 Frenchtown Road

East Greenwich, RI

Our evening will be student-led, so students should attend.

Students will lead their parents through a typical day at Frenchtown through a Scavenger Hunt! You are free to come and enjoy your visit at a leisurely pace. Although each faculty member will be here to meet and greet you,there will be no formal presentations. Your child is your tour guide for the evening!

Parking is available in the rear parking lot as well as across the street.

Thoughts from our students:

"What's your favorite season? Why?"


Mia: "I like Winter because it's so cold and you make snowmen."

Ella: "Winter, because then it's going to be my birthday."

Grade 1:

Lana: "Summer, because it's hot and nice out."

Gabby: "I like Fall because of Halloween."

Grade 2:

Gian: "My favorite season is Fall because that's when my birthday is."

Mia: "Summer, because I get to go to the beach a lot."

Backpack Check!

Please check your child's backpack for toys and other items which may disrupt the learning environment. There seems to be a few Pokemon cards and ShopKins visiting lately.

Picture Retake!

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 9am

Frenchtown Road

East Greenwich, RI