by Amber Benckert


Some people are mentally challenged however the term many people use is mentally retared. The word is a hurtful word because it is often used in a bad way to make someone feel bad. Someone around will get hurt by you saying the "R" word because you never know who or who does not have a disability. In my own expereice my sister is mentally challenged, her name is Sarah and it makes me mad when people call her the "R" word. I always tell people who are using the "R" word it not a nice word when it is used to hurt others and often time they give me sass by saying, "I didn't means it in that way". It doesn't matter because it has onemeaning and most often someone is using the "R" word to make someone else feel bad. If you are reading this and you use the "R" word then STOP!!! It is wrong and mean think before you speak.

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how to stop it

If you want to help stop the "R" word you do the following:

  • speak up
  • share on twitter facebook instagram #stoptherword
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