Battle of Stalingrad

"NOT A STEP BACK"- Joseph Stalin

August 23, 1942

In the summer of 1942 two german army groups attacked the Volga River to take control of the oil feilds snd to break through to the middle east. Group A, was led by general Fedor Von Bock, who led 71 divisions. Group B, led by feild marshall Willham List, with 43 divisions. Gerrmany had to captur Stalingrad for any of this to happen. The Red army was forced to retreat after heavy german pressure. The russians tryed to defend the city at all costs this task was assigned to gen. Vasily Chuikov and gen. Mikhail Shumilov the soviets suffered many deaths but had succeded in stopping the attack. The germans had gotten to the bancks of volga but the soviets had not given up the still had a strong defence against them and the started a counteroffence plan. They were to compleatly circle and surround the germans so they could not retreat and had nowhere to go. Gen. Nikolai Vatutin and Gen.Konstantin Rokossovski led the Stalingrad front. The soviets had 15 armys surrounding the germans with 1,400 tanks, 1,250 aircraft and some 350,000 troops. 91,000 troops were taken prisoner and the rest were sloughtered. The defeat was a serious blow to germany and a major boost to Russia and other allied countrys.

The Battle of Stalingrad

Sunday, Aug. 23rd 1942 at 9pm

Nazi Germany

This was the turmning point of WW2.
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Total Destruction

The picture above is just a small glimps of what had happened over the few days the battle lasted. It destroyed everything, houses, banks, bussneses, even the small farming feilds. The people in theis city had to compleatly rebuild from nothing.