By: Matthew Calhoun

Ten Facts about Alcohol


Fact One

Alcohol also known as ethyl or grain is one of the most accessible and abused substance in America.

Fact Two

The maximum concentration of alcohol through fermentation is 10 to 12%.

Fact Three

Moderate use of alcohol can result in reduced motor skills up to 18 hours after drinking.

Fact Four

Proportionately more alcoholic women die from cirrhosis.

Fact Five

Evidence links a lot of deaths from falling, fires and drowning to drinking.

Fact Six

Various studies estimate that between 13% and 63% of falls are resulted from alcohol.

Fact Seven

A common cause of fires among intoxicated people is falling asleep with a lit cigarette.

Fact Eight

Alcohol is the number one date rape drug.

Fact Nine

Alcohol worsens depression.

Fact Ten

About one third of suicides are linked to alcohol