Tammy's Techtrek

March 2021

Whew! We made it back!

I am so relieved that there was no impending disaster that kept us from coming back to school after spring break. I got to spend quality time with family and was thoroughly exhausted when I got back home on Sunday afternoon. However, it was so worth it. When thinking about this newsletter, I wanted to cover some of the things I was used to doing on a PC that were not native to me on a Chromebook. Now that I learned how to do them, I am completely and totally convinced the Chromebook will do almost anything I need it to.

Chrome Updates

I have noticed that Chrome has needed updating more often than usual lately. What I love is that it only takes a few seconds and all tabs you have open before the restart open again! I also learned that you can update all extensions by going to the 3 dots, settings, extensions, and turn on developer mode. You then have the ability to update all extensions you have enabled. You're welcome!