Genius Tour by Meir Ezra

Business Structures

People typically do a business structure with the Director on the top with different departments under it such as marketing, management, sales, accounting, legal.

Meir’s structure is a very LONG big chart of columns that is on a continuum – a cylindrical chart, like a barrel. Steve Jobs got from E. Hubbard the cylindrical chart of 7 areas and Apple took off.

Every company needs 7 areas, even if the company is just one person. The area that is the lowest defines our overall product. Shows what they need to produce and how to measure.

Everyone pushes to same direction so the energy is output, not input = no fighting.

7 areas of the cylindrical chart:

1. Executive

2. Human Resource

3. Sales

4. Treasury

5. Technical

6. Qualitycontrol/correction division (corrected organization and its people) income/# of people

7. New public

Success definition: Achieving the postulated (self created truth) results or more of the desirable results compared to an earlier time. You become the CAUSE of changes, not the EFFECT.

An individual who is not working in life to remedy or to make better the actual conditions which he finds around him is not liable to succeed. And if you want a good definition of success, it would just be that: a person who can look around him and see what has to be done, what has to be remedied, what’s actual, and then actually can do and does do something about it. And that person is about eighty-four light-years above normal.

How does one know if he has achieved more, less or the same of the things wanted? By using MEASUREMENTS. Every area of our life is measurable.

Without measurement:

1. one cannot know who won

2. one cannot know if he failed or succeeded,

3. one cannot know what needs to be corrected

4. once cannot know if change is needed

5. one does not know what is right and what is wrong

6. you can not have management even if one measures but doesn’t inspect, one cannot manage. It is here that we have operating on opinions and rumors vs. operating on facts, or you are guessing.

The universe is divided in two:

1. those things that can be measured and;

2. those things that cannot be measured.

In business, only one thing cannot be measured: that which has not been done or produced.

A person who resists measurements: 1. is too unorganized and so has no time for anything and is already non productive, or, 2. is producing nothing of value.

Why do we need to measure our success? Without measurements we will make mistakes. Balance sheets are for the government – to show how much taxes we need to pay. They are not a true picture of success. Many businesses that measure with profit and loss statements and balance sheets show profit, but the owner has nothing in their account. Meir’s system is a different way of measurements, formulas, specific steps to give an accurate picture of how the business is doing, and how to improve production and profit.