Guinea Pigs

these furry little creatures


Mr.Chubbs is my pet guinea pig. He eats about 4 or 5 times a day. I have to clean out his cage every Sunday, He loves to eat grass in the summer and he also likes cucumbers. Mr.Chubbs will eat the skin of watermelon. Mr.Chubbs is black and white. He likes to run and bite thing.


I have and other guinea pig named trouble. He like to eat his pelts. Trouble will bite more often than Mr.Chubbs will. when you pick up Trouble you have to be careful because he has very sharp nails.

cut guiena pigs nail,clean thier cage every week,feed them well


Johnny is my other guinea pig. He won't eat out of his cage. Johnny is not like the other guinea pigs he will start fights. He is the smallest out of Trouble and Mr.Chubbs.

All Three Pigs

All three guinea pigs are like best friends. they all are males (boys). Sometimes they fight but in the end they all love each other. i ♥ my guinea pigs.
the end :D .