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Week 35 - Randolph Middle 2015-2016 - Q4

Welcome to week 35! & Final exam details

The exam for Spanish 1 with NCVPS has two parts: project and quiz. The quiz assesses listening and reading comprehension and the project is for students to demonstrate mastery of speaking and writing concepts taught in Spanish 1 (written/oral presentation skills in Spanish-- students are expected to be at Novice Mid for writing, listening and reading and Novice Low for speaking at the end of Spanish 1).

  • Students get ONE ATTEMPT on the final exam quiz portion.
  • The quiz is only accessible one time, students should not begin it until they are in the appropriate test setting as laid out by RMS staff.
  • The quiz must be completed in one sitting, it cannot be started and stopped.

The quiz portion will be from 9:30-11a on Monday May 16. The students will be split between the media center and cafeteria and school administrators will be proctoring the occasion. Make ups will be held Tuesday the 17th at the same time. All sections of Spanish 1 with NCVPS will have the same amount of time to complete the exam.

Students will have a full week to complete the project portion due on May 20 at 11:59pm. As soon as they complete the last required assignment in Unit 8 the project portion becomes available to them.

  • Students can work on the project throughout the week.
  • Students can use previous assignments/feedback of THEIR OWN to help them on this project-- they may not use work belonging to other students or that of an online translator, website, tutor, etc. (see academic integrity expectations below).
  • Students must use a web 2.0 tool (ie: not Powerpoint). They can use Prezi, Padlet, Google Slides, Voki, etc. any tool they've used so far this year.
  • The project must contain written and spoken elements, include images and citations to get maximum credit.

Helpful links:

As always, contact me if you have questions! Remind message/text is the best way to get a quick response from me, otherwise give me a call during office hours!

At the end of Spanish 1 students are considered to be Novice High in all areas except for speaking which remains at Novice Mid. The scale goes from Novice (low, mid, high), Intermediate (low, mid, high), Advanced (low, mid, high) , Superior, Distinguished. Click the link above or image below to read more about what your child can do in Spanish!
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Reminder about Academic Integrity

Students, parents and school personnel are reminded that all student work must be 100% original, meaning they cannot use outsides websites (like translators), other people (friends, siblings, etc.) or any other materials to complete their assignments.

Things to keep in mind:

  • All students get multiple submissions on any speaking, writing or projects. They will get custom teacher feedback and then can resubmit the assignment after making changes.
  • If a student is suspected of using a translator/outside resource the teacher will leave the student feedback saying that they need to be called by that student.
  • If a translator/outside resource is used the student will receive a ZERO on the assignment and have to re-do it for a maximum of 70% on the assignment.

Resources students CAN USE to help them:

  • Vocabulary lists for each unit contain all vocabulary and structures needed for that unit's assignments
  • Their online teacher using appropriate contact methods (Moodle message, Blackboard IM, call or text during appropriate hours)
  • The NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center

To read more about Academic Integrity and NCVPS click here:

Mrs. Kellie Chaney

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 2-5pm

During office hours Mrs. Chaney can be reached via call, text, Blackboard IM or iMessage. If students are not able to communicate with Mrs. Chaney during this time they can set up another time via Moodle message or text.