From the Media Center at Hope-Hill

May 2021: End of School Year Edition!

Attention! All books due back to the Media Center!

Please check your homes and backpacks for any books from the Hope-Hill Media Center. We are trying to get the stacks ready for next school year! Please try to have everything returned before the last day of school, which is Wednesday, May 26!

If your student has missing library books...

Lost books from 2018, 2019, or the beginning of 2020: We are accepting donations to our Little Free Library in exchange for lost books. If you students are missing books from 2018, 2019, or Jan/Feb 2020, please send in a gently used book and we will clear their account.

If they lost books from 2021 (this school year): Please have them look high and low for these books! Most were brand new coming into F2F learning, and it would be sad for them to be permanently lost so quickly!

If they cannot find a book that was due late March 2020: These books were distributed to students before going into lockdown for Covid, and they were replaced with federal dollars. Your students are not responsible for replacing them or paying a fine. However, if they can find these books at home, we will happily take them back and return them to our library shelves!

Looking for a way to keep your student reading over the summer? Check out these options!

APS and Hope-Hill want our students to READ, READ, READ this summer! Here are some ways to keep their learning active while on vacay.

Interested in joining Hope-Hill's Reading Bowl team? Start reading this summer!

This year's Reading Bowl team will compete on the following books:

Jamieson, Victoria & Mohamed, Omar. When Stars are Scattered.

Lai, Remy. Pie in the Sky.
LeZott, Ann Claire. Show Me a Sign.
Marks, Janae. From the Desk of Zoe Washington.
Mbalia, Kwame. Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky.
Park, Linda Sue. Prairie Lotus.
Ryan, Pam Munoz. Manañaland.
Soontornvat, Christina. A Wish in the Dark.
Stoddard, Lindsey. Brave like that.
Watson, Renee. Ways to Make Sunshine.

And, the most recent Race2Read leaderboard...

Yahoo! and Way to Go! to the students and teachers of Hope-Hill! We spent all year on the Leaderboard and we close out the year at #4 for elementary schools and #5 for schools overall. We sure showed APS what we are made of... READERS!

We are still logging minutes because we haven't quite met the APS goal of 10 million minutes, so keep reading and logging this summer!