End of Year Technology Tasks

EVERYONE is required to complete the following tasks!

Task 1--Software Audit 2019

It's time for our 2019 Software Audit. If you have downloaded any software from the Internet or from a CD and installed it on any of your computers, the answer is YES, you MUST list it with the RCS tag number that is on the back of your machine(s).

**The Software Audit was sent out last week, so if you have already completed this, proceed to Task 2!**
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Task 2 - Clean all computers and tables (see information below)

ALL computers and computer areas MUST be cleaned in the room(s) you presently occupy. I have 2 data vac blowers for check out to clean out dust from the back of the computers (vents) as well as the keyboards, but they must be returned promptly for the next person/team who needs the equipment. Use soft lint-free cloths and an electronic spray cleaner for LCD screens to wipe the computer screens free of dust and fingerprints (applying some 'elbow grease' will not hurt when you use the appropriate tools). Use a Clorox or disinfectant wipe to wipe down keyboards and mice to minimize the build up of germs (DO NOT USE ON the computers, ESPECIALLY the screens). Computer Tables should also be thoroughly wiped down/cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner to minimize germs and the dust and debris build up around the computers. This helps to keep our equipment in proper working order!

## I keep all of these on hand for checkout!! ##

Do NOT move any technology equipment for any reason without permission from Tech Coach.

All equipment BELONGS to the room it is assigned to; if you are moving to a new room, DO NOT MOVE YOUR EQUIPMENT! (This is NEVER allowed.) Your next room will have the same equipment.

Task 3- Pick up the plastic tub for your remotes, etc. and box up your Mobi & Epson Doc Camera

3a. Remotes, Pens, Rechargeable Batteries/Chargers - Due by Wednesday, May 22nd

These will go in a plastic bin labeled with the room number you are CURRENTLY in. **NOTE: If you are missing any of your rechargeable batteries, the charger, or your remote, you are responsible for replacing these for that room and I will not sign off on the end of year list if they are missing. Click here for rechargeable batteries/charger replacement. Click here for remote replacement.

**A few people do not have rechargeable batteries, battery charger and pens.

**ALL NON-RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES should be removed and placed in a ziploc bag-not left in remotes (so they don't corrode inside the pens over the summer).

See below for parts that should be in the plastic tub.

3b. Collect all Mobi parts, place in box, and return to my office.-Due Wednesday, May 22nd

(Some teachers did not check out this item.)

3c. Collect the parts to the Epson Document Cameras-Due Wednesday, May 22nd

Make sure you have all the pieces in the picture below (left picture). Place inside the Epson box, but do NOT tape it up so I can check for everything when you return.

**Some teachers did not check out this item.

Task 4 - Teacher Laptops, 2:1 Student Devices, Other Mobile Equipment

***If you have mobile equipment checked out (i.e.--laptops, Lifeguard iPads), it must be checked in for safekeeping OR you must sign a letter for me to keep on file. ALL 2:1 carts will be collected and inspected for damages before being stored for the summer. We will do this in an organized manner-stay tuned for your department's collection/inspection day! **Cart keys will also be collected.

***See below for Equipment check-out letter if you are keeping your laptop over the summer. This MUST be turned in BY May 28th on the TEACHER WORK DAY!

Task 5 - Textbook or any other RCS Software Must Be Checked In

Any textbook (or other) software you have in your room must be turned in. Please place in a large ziploc with your name written on the outside.

Task 6 - Do not unplug student computers or printers; leave on back counters and free of items around them.

Be sure student computers have also been cleaned.

Task 7 - Label your teacher cart

Label your teacher cart on the top and side(s) with your CURRENT room number with masking or painters tape. (DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON THE COMPUTER ITSELF!!) **You will need to unplug all cables--electrical, too, from the wall behind the teacher cart and throw them over the top of the cart so they can be easily rolled to the hallway later. (**ALERT: Take a picture of where all the cables plug into the wall for future reference for the beginning of next year!**) Do not move the printer or student stations at the back of the room.


Task 8 - Clean out email, upload files to OneDrive, archive TEAMs

Click here to watch "Cleaning Out Your Email".

Click here to watch "Uploading Files & Folders to OneDrive".

Click here to review how to archive TEAMs from this year. We do not use SDS in our county, so you will need to use the manual option.

If you are leaving us...

**If you are retiring or for other reasons leaving Rutherford County employment at the end of this year, all Office 365 email accounts (which includes OneDrive files) will be deleted on June 8, 2018. If you need any of your files, be sure to download these to a USB drive or your own personal device. If you need help with this, please let me know.

** On a related note, if you are leaving and you are the admin of an Office 365 group (like a PLC or department group), you need to go in and designate another admin. Once the admin's account has been deleted the other members will have no way to access the group. If you need instructions on how to do this, let me know!

Enjoy your summer break!

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