Selling Handcrafted Beauty...

A Merchandiser's Guide

A Trusted Business Partner with a Common Goal to Increase Sales

The Merchandiser's strategy is a valuable component of Handcrafted Beauty's business model. We believe it's truly a collaborative effort and recognize there is not a "one size fits all" approach in today's competitive environment, particularly in the beauty industry. We encourage our team to think outside of the box, be creative, and feel empowered to grow your business!

Retail Store Distribution

Things to Consider before Renting Space in a New Store:

  • How large is the store?
  • How long has the store been open for business?
  • How much traffic does the store see on any given day?
  • How many vendors are in the store?
  • How many days is the store open?
  • How large is the space you will rent?

Suggested Tips:

  • Rent smaller spaces, so your booth appears full and appealing to prospect customers.
  • Generally, we do not recommend paying more than $30 in rent a month to ensure a profit.
  • Review contract terms carefully to determine expectations, if any, for pulling your product out.
  • Utilize seasonal decorations to attract prospect buyers to your booth.
  • Promote your booth and the store through active use of social media.

Trade Shows, Flea Markets, & Expo's

Merchandisers are encouraged to participate in local trade shows, flea markets, art & craft shows, and expo's. This is another great way to grow your business, promote your stores, and drive traffic to your booths.

Events Handcrafted Beauty has attended in the past:

  • Painted Farmgirl Flea
  • Everbloom's Fall Vintage Flea
  • Grand Rapids Women's Expo (March 2016)


  • Merchandisers must receive approval from Handcrafted Beauty prior to registering for an event.
  • Handcrafted Beauty operates on a "first come, first serve" basis.

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The Creators of Handcrafted Beauty

We are all of our products are created by hand in a home kitchen. We use only the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. The ingredients were specifically chosen for their effectiveness, their purity, and most importantly their ability to promote healthy nourished skin.