The Badlands

South Dakota

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About The Badlands

The Badlands are a national park in South Dakota since 1978. It is over 300 sq. miles in size it is also home to thousands of bison and the Lakota Indians.


The Badlands weather is unpredictable it has had temperatures from 116°F to -40°F. Rain in the Badlands is considerably less than other parts of the country averaging only 16 inches per year. There are also occasional hail storms and tornados.

Activities and Events

In the Badlands there are many things to do and see. You can go hiking on the many trails and see the unique rock formations and animals. You can also go camping on the two campgrounds.

Fascinating Facts

  • Badlands National Park is considered home to one of the world's richest deposits of fossil beds.
  • The Badlands has at least one inch of erosion per year.
  • The Badlands is home to the second-largest American Indian Reservation.
  • The Badlands has an 11,000 year history with native americans.

Association with Native Americans

For 11,000 years, Native Americans have used this area for their hunting grounds. The Lakota indians have lived there for thousands of years in valleys near rivers. Now the Badlands is a large indian reservation since the early 1900's. Many indian battles have also taken place there. That is the Badlands association with Native Americans


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