Health of Australian children

Find out how healthy Australian children really are

How many kids in Australia?

There are 4.3million kids in Australia, 51% are boys and 49% girls.

Did you know?

Only 5% of the Australian population are aboriginals and 8% of the people were born overseas. 67% of Australians live in a major city and 3% live in rural or remote areas. Every 1 in 10 person as asthma, and 7% have hayfever. 4% of Australian people are severley disabled, and 17% have a parent that is disabled. 17% of them are overweight and 6% are obese.

Most common reason for kids to be in hospital?

The most common reason for kids to be in hospital

is from falls and traffic incidents.

dental decay

In Australia 45% of 6 year old kids have dental decay