My Drama Career

By: Leah Klapatauskas

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Lights, Camera, Action

I LOVE to do plays! The first reason is because it's acting. Also in acting you get to sing and dance. Those are one of my favorite things to do. Acting, Dancing, and Singing! In this presentation you will learn about a possible career that I would like to go into and maybe you would like to go into.

When some people think about drama they think, "Oh, all you have to do is come up with dance moves and then perform them in front of other people, or sing a song and you get paid a ton of money, but that is not at all how it works.


*Could earn $125,000

*Do something you love

*Get to perform in front of people


*No Stage fright

*Injury in toes, throat, legs, and arms

*Bedtime: 11:00


*Keenan McLaren

Natural Abilities and Personal Values!

In order to be in the drama career you need to oblivious be good at dancing, singing, and acting, but there is more to it then that.

* If you are competing in dance contest you have to be competitive.

* You have to be in good physical condition because most likely you will be working for long hours and your body will be tired.

*You can't have stage fright because you will probably have to perform in front of people.

* You have to have a unique, special, good voice.

What impact does Drama have?

If you go onto the Drama career it WILL have an impact on you. Sometimes when you act everything in the world can go blank. You don't think about the fight you're in with your friend, you don't think about your big project that is due tomorrow, and you don't think about what you're going to get Mrs. Schmit for an end of the year gift. All you think about is how you're doing. You're dancing gracefully, singing wonderfully, and acting amazingly! Drama really hooks you up and it is so much fun to do! Dancing is for anyone: Veterinarians, Teachers, boys, girls, grown-ups, kids. Everyone can do it if they if they want to! Drama is something that we can all do if we put our minds to it. Lets go show people what dancing is all about!

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Keenan McLaren

Keenan McLaren Nashville, Tennessee

Keenan McLaren is a ballerina at Nashville Ballet. Here's a sneak peak of how your daily routine might be like if you're in drama. First, Keenan wakes up at 7:00, gets dressed, and has a big glass of water, vitamins, almond milk, and a Greek yogurt for breakfast. Then, she leaves at 8:15 (an hour earlier than practice) for the studio that way she can stretch and enjoy the quiet. After that, from 9:15 until 10:45 Keenan has a class that warms up her body. At 11 am. she has a light snack and then three hours of rehearsal. Next, at 2:00 she finally has lunch. Then, at 3 pm. she has three more hours of rehearsal, and at six pm. she is finally done dancing, but do you remember she's at a college which means she also has to go to school! That's why she takes schools after dancing or after dancing she might also teach a yoga class (she loves yoga.) She finishes that at 8:30 and that is when she has dinner, while watching T.V. and stretching, which means that she usually goes to bed at 10:30. WOW! What a day she has!

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