Week of September 30, 2019

Teacher Brag Board

"Lynn Cox was AWESOME helping me with the potluck today. I told her my idea of the green paper for the tables and she ran with it and made it into a football field. She also manned B lunch so I could rest my foot. She is a great colleague and I enjoy working with her every day!" ~ Christina Moore, Librarian

Try These To Encourage Students To Reflect On The Learning!

  • What concept or skill did you learn today?
  • What is unclear or confusing?
  • Does the information you learned today connect to something else you've learned in the past?
  • If you were going to teach this to someone else, how would you teach it?
  • What concepts, information, or skills would you like more time discussing, practicing, or working with me to better understand?

Flu Shots Are Coming!

You can get your flu shot the morning of OCTOBER 7TH, 7:45 - 8:45 AM, FRONT OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM. I am attaching the consent form for you to have completed before you arrive. It's very quick, but it is first come first serve. If you have the school's insurance it is covered, and if you do not, the cost is $30.

That morning please bring with you...




Please try to get your flu shot, if not with us, please get it somewhere.

Watch This Video Then Show It To Your Students On Monday During Tribe Time!

Be Someone’s Hero

Nuts & Bolts

Grades - Grade MUST be updated by Thursday of each week.

Something to consider...Make a practice of putting in grades immediately even if they are late or missing. This gives students a better idea of where they stand and the opportunity to get it corrected. Students should not believe they are passing at the end of a three-week report or at the end of a six-week report then have failing grades added from weeks back.

Indian Walks - October 21st

We learned a lot during our first Indian Walks and as I've learned, you always find ways to improve after the first time. Some things we noted that will improve the process are:

  1. Make a title page showing the Standard so we can determine relevance.
  2. Make sure all writing samples are relevant to the Standard.
  3. Display samples at or right below eye level for easier reading.
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Upcoming Events

September 30

  • CTE/Elective Department Meeting @ 7:45am
  • Tribe Time - Show Video, "Be Someone's Hero"
October 1
  • Math/Science Department Meeting @ 7:45am
  • Volleyball vs Gainesville @ Gainesville, 5:00pm

October 2

  • English/SS Department Meeting @ 7:45am

October 3

  • Jostens Ring Sizing During Lunches
  • F/JV Football vs Argyle @ Argyle, 5:00pm

October 4

  • Volleyball vs Anna @ Anna 4:30pm
  • V Football vs Argyle @ SHS, 7:30pm

October 5

  • SAT Testing @ SHS
  • XC @ Joe Wheeler Park, Decatur
  • Band @ Princeton Marching Contest
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"When little people are overwhelmed by BIG emotions, It's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos." ~ L.R. Knost

Sometimes it's best to not engage when a student is argumentative or off task.

It's a great day to be a Sanger Indian!

Sanger High School is an exceptional campus focused on innovative learning where students are prepared to create their future in an ever-changing world.