Important Facts

Capital: Suva

Official Languange: English and Fiyiano

Most Important Cities: Suva, Lautoka


Fiji's culture is a rich mosaic of indigenous Fijian, Indo-Fijian, Asian and European traditions, comprising social polity, language, costume, belief systems, architecture, arts, craft, music, dance, and sports. While indigenous Fijian culture and traditions are very vibrant and are integral components of everyday life for the majority of Fiji's population.
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Holidays and festivals

  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Saturday
  • Easter Monday
  • Fiji Day
  • Diwali
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day
  • Prophet Mohammends Birthday



things to do .....

Most of the people go to Fiji for one reason, the beautiful and incredible beaches that lay on Fiji s coast, but not only that, when you go to Fiji you leave your home to go to a place that will get you out of your, the landforms are incredible, gastromy is tropical is like dream vacations.

ethnic groups

The population of Fiji is mostly made up of native Fijians, who are Melanesians (54.3%), although many also have Polynesian ancestry, and Indo-Fijians (38.1%),there is also a small but significant group of descendants of indentured labourers from the Solomon Islands.
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