Madison's Bucket List

April 2015


I want to go see Panarea and go scuba diving with my mom. Panarea is the second smallest of the eight Aeolian Islands. The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic island chain north of Sicily. The water surrounding the island is brushing against the rocks, which is weathering down the rocks causing erosion surrounding the island (physical weathering).
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I want to go to Ireland and see the Aillwee Cave with my family. The Aillwee Cave is a cave in the karst landscape of the Burren in the County Clare, Ireland. The cave is more than 350,000 years old. Its features include an underground river which weathers down the rock in the cave (physical weathering). It was originally an underground river, the water came from melting snow from the ice ages. The river dried up leaving the cave like it is today.
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Sydney, Australia

I want to go to Sydney, Australia with my family. Australia is one of the oldest continents. From over 250 million years of erosion, and from the separation of the current continent of Australia from the Super Continent, it has become the most flattest land mass on earth.
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Zip lining in the Amazon Rainforest

I want to go zip lining through the Amazon Rainforest with my mom. The roots of the trees in the rainforest stay mostly above the ground because the soil is not very deep. The rocks that are below the soil weather rapidly due to high temperatures and moisture.
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Tahuayo Lodge Zipline - Amazon Rainforest Lodge (Iquitos, Peru)


I want to visit the Bahamas with my family and friends. We would go to Atlantis Paradise Island and swim with the dolphins in Dolphin Cay. The Bahamas have formations called blue holes. Blue holes are underwater sink holes formed during the ice age when the sea level was 300-400 feet lower than it is now. Blue holes contain freshwater and saltwater. Where these two waters meet, a corrosion reaction happens which eats away at the rocks forming the blue holes (chemical weathering).
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Dolphin Cay - Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas