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Social Networking Changing the World

What is Social Networking

Social Networking is the fastest growing network in these days. Millions of people connect with it. To deep understand about the Social Networking first should be understand the meaning of the Social Networking. The Social Networking is the broad term and can’t able to define in the single line or single page. There try to understand briefly.

In the Social Networking phrase, it is combined of two words first is Social and Second is Networking. Social, we can say that Social is that phenomena, in that follow some well manner rules or group of good virtues. Society words also derive from it. Networking term, Networking means a connection that’s for connect. Connection may be in anyways my means +ve or -ve.

Various Social Network available where you can deal with Social Networking. In them facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Imesh etc. are leading. In these days Social Networking is the part of human life.

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Advantage of Social Networking

For Any Person

- By the help of Social Networking, Particular person connect with number of the peoples.

- Particular person can able to share his status, idea, views, images, video, etc things with millions of people.

- He can also able to gives self views on particular topic on the Social Networking Websites.

For Student

- On the Social Networking website many well educated or tutor persons post there guide for the student.

- When student read that type of guide then they are able to well communicate with their study.

- Suppose student has problem with particular topic then he can share it on Social Networking websites. Visitor can give solution about those problems. By this that student may be get solution of his problem.

- Students are able to attach with latest trend in the study.

For Company

- In today, new trend comes, companies now better feel to advertise there product on Social Networking websites.

- On Social Networking websites, huge number of people give there own view about the product, if particular product has some problem, then user complain about the product, company take that problem and try to correct that. So in this way product quality also increases.

Disadvantage of Social Networking

Each and every thing in the world have some fault, nothing thing untouched from it. I know, you are sure here this line: “Excess in Everything is bad.”In today time, special of student, more time spend on the Social Networking websites. This direct effect on the student life and there study.

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