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What is a flipped Classroom?

A flipped classroom is changing the order in which content is traditionally taught. Instead of lecturing part of the day and having the students complete practice work afterwards, the students are familiarizing themselves with new content at home. During class time, the teacher corrects misunderstandings and answers questions to solidify the content knowledge before allowing the students to work on inquiry based projects. Flipping your classroom does not mean having your students to listen to an audio lecture and take notes for homework. It is effectively using videos and website that allows the students to take an active role in their learning and informally assess the students at the end of the mini lesson. This allows for the teacher to better prepare his or her lessons to fit the needs of the students better. Flipping your classroom does not alleviate the teacher from teaching the content completely; however, it does make the teacher better equipped to address the individual academic levels of the student in the classroom. Some sites that can be used in a flipped classroom are,, and

Additional Resources

Ms. Joseph introduction to her flipped classroom

Because the idea pf flipped classrooms are not so wide spread in some schools, Ms. Joseph introduces the her new classroom procedure to her class at the beginning of the year with a quick introductory video. Using, Ms. Joseph explains to her students that what a flipped classroom is and what is expected of them every night. Each night the students will be watching, summarizing, and questioning a term the teacher refers to as WiSQing. In class, Ms. Johnson will answer questions and the students will take what they have learned and apply in order to master their content. The best part of Ms. Johnson's flipped math classroom is that the students get to collaborate with each other outside of the classroom as well as inside of the classroom. Because of this flipped model, Ms. Johnson is free to move around the classroom to help students on a more personal level.
Introduction to Ms. Joseph Flip Math Classroom
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Like the Ideal of a Flipped Classroom. but want to learn more? is a website that was created to educate teachers on the flipped classroom model. On this site, teachers are able to access webinars on flipped classrooms, see examples of videos used in flipped classroom and purchase books about how to flip your classroom. I believe that this site is one of the most helpful site to aid in flipping your classroom. There are even workshops that teachers can attend if they are like me and are anti-webinars.
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Pros and Cons of a Flipped Classroom posted a infographic that answers the question of what is a flipped classroom and why it's so amazing. The infographic shares both the ideas of the critics of a flipped classroom as well as its supporters. The author of the article responds to the critics concerns in a humerus way while also enlightening the reader about his personal learning style. Despite this, I feel that this article and infographic allows reader and teacher to decide for themselves whether they support the model or reject the model. This is also a good resource to share with the parents of your students if you plan to implement a flipped classroom model into your classroom.
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Flipped Classroom Infographic

We all learn differently. While some of thrive off of webinars, some of prefer to take part in a workshop. There are still some that do not have the time for either.

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My Webinar Exeperience. . .

This was the second webinar I have been apart of and I am not a fan. I understand that for many people webinars are the better alternative to traveling to attend a needed training. As much as I hate driving, I would rather drive to a training than sit through a hour long webinar. I find it hard for me to stay focused on what the speaker is saying with the chat from other teachers taking place in the sidebar. I also find that sitting still listening to someone talk for long periods of time is almost unbearable. I prefer an actual learning experience and not just being a fly on the wall in a classroom. There often times there are technical problems throughout the presentation with sound and pulling up images from the screen that make the experience more dreadful for me. I generally close my computer at the end of the webinar feeling unsatisfied and confused.