Class Newsletter: October 29, 2013

AP Microeconomics, American Government, and World Geography!

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Welcome Parents, Students, and Facilitators!

Grades have recently been updated for students following the 18, 16, 14, and 12 week schedules in Mrs. Bauries's AP Microeconomics, World Geography, and American Government classes.

Please use your parent or facilitator auditor accounts to log into the Georgia Virtual School LMS to check the progress of students following these schedules.

Our next bi-weekly due date is........November 8th !


Dana A. Bauries, M.S.

Social Studies Department Coordinator and Master Teacher

Follow me on Twitter: @MrsBauries

404-492-5018 (Skype)

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AP Microeconomics Students!

Registration Deadline-Wednesday, November 6 , 2013

EOCT Test Date-Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Click EOCT Registration Survey to register for the December 3, 2013 EOCT test.

HOME SCHOOL AND PRIVATE SCHOOL STUDENTS, who are currently enrolled in the AB or B sections of a GaVS course, which by the state of Georgia, requires an End of Course Test (EOCT) must complete the registration survey. Click Here to view a list of EOCT courses.


  • The EOCT is your final exam. If you miss the EOCT test your final grade will not be released.
  • EOCT information will be sent to your personal email account, not your GaVS email.
  • Test site location/time of test will be emailed two weeks prior to the December 3, 2013 EOCT test date.
  • Address questions to

Fountain Award Information (All Students!)

In the fall 2011, State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge created the Fountain Award in honor of Monty Fountain, a teacher and coach who helped Superintendent Barge and countless others write a better story for themselves. The award recognizes teachers who have had a tremendous impact on the education and lives of others.

Students, This award provides an opportunity for you to nominate a teacher who has helped shaped your life for the better. Please follow the instructions below to nominate a teacher in which you feel is deserving of this award.

Nominating a Teacher

Once each quarter, one teacher will be selected for this award. The public is invited to nominate a teacher who had a profound impact on someone's life and career.

To nominate a teacher, please download and complete the application by clicking on the following link: Fountain Application

Return completed application via email to Keisha Ford-Jenrette at

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GaVS Cultural Café - Grand Opening! (All students)

GaVS Cultural Cafe - Grand Opening!

Date: October 29, 2013

Time: 7PM

Location: Adobe Connect

Click Iron Men and Mutants - What are Heroes made of?

Guest Presenter: Bea Peruzzi

Ph.D. student, University of Cincinnati

All GaVS students and staff are invited!

Please enter as a guest. Doors open at 6:45PM

In modern film, literature, and art, we encounter fictional characters such as Superman, Percy Jackson, Voldemort, Batman, The Joker, Medusa, etc. who represent ideals of heroism and villainry. This interactive presentation analyzes our concept of heroism and compares it with that of the ancient Greeks through the stories of Hercules, Perseus and other Greek heroes.

Join us on October 29 at 7PM to explore the world of the ancient and modern day superhero.

Student Google Mail and Google Integration

GaVS made a switch from D2L email to Google Mail. All communication, both incoming and outgoing, will be through GaVS Google Mail. In order for you to receive/send emails and use Google tools, you are required to link your Georgia Virtual School Google account. For steps, you will need to reference the GaVL Google Apps site. The information is located under the section called "Google - Getting Started". To learn more about how to use Google tools, reference the "Google Tools" section of the site.

Passwords: In order for you to link your Georgia Virtual School Google account, your GaVS password must be at least 8 characters long. If your password is not 8 characters long, you will need to change your GaVS password. The information for changing your password is located under the section called "Google - Password Sync". You NEED TO WAIT 30 minutes after changing your password before you attempt to link your Georgia Virtual School Google account.

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