Are You a SuperTasker?

How much do you media multitask without realizing it?

What is Media Multitasking?

Media multitasking is using two or more versions of media, whether it is listening to music, texting, or watching television, all while trying to complete one task. Media multitasking is on the rise among individuals aged 8-18, since approximately 30% use some type of media while they are completing homework. Media multitasking is often demonstrated as completing some type of computer activity while reading something. This could be researching something online for class while messaging a friend on Facebook or Twitter.

Examples of Media Multitasking

Who does Media Multitasking Affect?

  • Two levels of multitasking: HIGH which uses three hours a day while multitasking 50% of the time while completing homework, LOW with 20 minutes of multitasking with no time doing homework
  • Supertaskers can perform well with any types of distractions, with 2.5% of individuals classified as a supertasker.
  • Media Multitasking isn't common among a particular race, socioecomonic class, or education, however it is more common in females.
  • In a weeks time period 8 in 10 children will have some type of multitasking activity given to them.
  • Most common among 7-12th graders due to more easy access
  • 65% of the time all children are using the computer they are doing something else at the same time.
  • When a child or adolescent is watching television, there is likely no other media being used.
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