Joshua Korn


The History of tractors. The history of tractors started in the 1900s. The first tractor was built in 1914 by the a guy named John Deere. The first tractor was basically a tractor with a forward and reverse. And know are tractors have 24 gears. Also the first tractor was basicly steel. And the first tractor was started with a hand crank. And now the tractors start by a battery. According to Michael Williams,” if it wasn’t for John Deere tractors will not be the same” (52). In other words Michael Williams asserts that if John Deere was not born, and did not make a tractor who knows what are tractors could look like now. According to Williams, “John Deere is the leader of tractors”. (52)


The weight of tractors have changed over time do to are technology. One of the reasons why are tractors these days are so heavier is because we have better technology that was in the 1914. The materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and we can get bigger tractors and materials for a tractor to have have more horsepower, gas tank. From 1914 to know tractors have gained 45,000 pounds more. In 1914 a tractor weighted 6,183 lb, and know they weigh 51,940. Back then in 1914 the only materials that they had were metal, and cloth. The materials that they didn't have were rubber,plastic. So in that case in 1914 they just made tractors out of metal. According to a letter writing by Russell Jones ,”John Deere are the heaviest tractors today” (69). In other words Russell Jones asserts that John Deere spends the money to have the best materials in each tractors. According to Jones, back then there technology and materials were not that good and know we have good technology and materials (Jones 56).


In 1914 tractors/ oil poles have only 2 gears. As the years went on are technology got better which means we can upgrade on are tractors. For instance the waterloo boy had only 2 gears forward and reverses. Know are tractors have 18-24 gears. According to John Deere”Nothing Runs Like A Deere” (8). From 1914-1930 tractors had only 2 gears. From 1930-1952 tractors had 4 gears 3 forward and 1 reverse. From 1952-1963 tractors had only 10 gears 8 forward 2 reverse. From 1963-1988 tractors had only 18 gears 16 forward 2 reverse. From 1988- 2012 tractors have gears of 24 gears 22 forward 2 reverse. According to MacMillan, “ waterloo boys were the best two speed tractors and the fastest tractors of this time.” (100)

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