Let me tell you about my best friend!!

Katie Simonson

My best friend Katie and I have been friends for years now. Shes one of my favorite people. Shes super engergetic, funny, sweet, caring, and one of those people who never lets you down. Both Katie and I are alot alike so we get along super well, but even with our differences we can move past them and carry on as if nothing ever happened. Katie is very open minded towards alot of things, shes intelligent, and is always open and excited to learn about new things. Even if she doesnt agree with something she still is all open ears to whatever it is you have to say. Shes a very bight and bubbly person and can put a smile on your face even on your worst day.

I admire her because…

Katie is my best friend and I love her to death because shes so sweet and caring, shes always there for me when I need help. She's helped me through a lot and taught me a lot when it comes to the world and people, how to stay open minded and to be a good person. Shes always looking out for me and will be real with my when it comes to serious conversations and shes trustworthy so I know for a fact I can talk to her about things I wouldnt want to share with someone else. Katie is rational and is straight forward when telling the truth so that in the long run, it helps more than it would hurt. Katie has introduced me to a lot of things as well as I have introduced her to a lot too. We take on things as a pair and try to make the best of it all. Even when we cant hangout or talk all the time, I know that no matter what, even as a friend or someone to go to for advice, she is always there for me. Katie's my bestfriend and i love her as a sister and I'm super thankful to have her in my life.

Part 2 Analysis

"I'm not going to come down, down off these clouds. All these heroes come and go, youre still standing. You teach me to rise up, to open my eyes up. All these heroes come and go, youre still standing, youre still standing. "

This song by David cook, what it's saying to me is that he is saying that no matter what the situation is, that you cant let yourself down even in times of trouble, because theres always someone there for you, and even when they cant be there, you have what they have taught you to help bring you up.

In Beowulf, it makes a connection because Beowulf didnt want to back down even when he felt he was going to lose, he kept on fighting because he wanted the fame and the victory. His geats helped give him strength and yet when they deserted him in battle, he still claimed victory because he didnt give up.

In my life, this connects Katie and I because with what weve taught eachother and learned from eachother is that, even when youre alone, you can still make it. You can keep your head up and carry on even without someone on your side as long as you remember and tell yourself that it's going to be okay.

Part 3 Themes and Symbols

Indiana Jones and Beowulf were epic heros. The battles that took place in both worlds were epic battles. The situations wouldnt happen in real life because of how extreme they were. Both Jones and Beowulf had many victories in their battles. They fought battles to the death to gain the victory they so desired. Beowulf fought and won battles to win fame and treasure in the end, Indiana Jones fought to gain expensive artificats that he could get no where else, and to not let them fall into the wrong hands. Because of their bravery and passion to fight in battle, Indiana Jones and Beowulf were both heros.