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We will be sharing many things with you through this Newsletter, The Pirate App, and your student email this week, Topics will include GRADUATION finailized plans, cleaning out lockers, checking in computers, and summer opportunities. Please be checking your email regularly this week.

Senior Spotlight

Thank you Seniors For Leaving Many Many Footprints Worth Following!

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Scholarship Opportunities ~ DoSomething.org


Are you looking for Scholarship money, and wanting to help others? Here is the perfect platform. You can come up with your own great idea, or piggy back off a campaign that is already going. Have fun! Think of others! Solve a problem!

Pirate P.R.I.D.E.~ Priorities

Make Time for Family

"At the very core of modren civilization, the motor of the world is family. All that is good, bad, or indifferent in every society, old and new, flows out of the health and effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the family." Joe Batten

You're living in a very busy time right now. You're exploring your world - homework, afterschool practices, church activites, FCA, study groups, jobs and more. But it would be a good idea to make your family relationships a priority. Make some time fro family. Feel the warmth of the huddle. Let them be a source of strengthining. Settle any differences with them for the sake of your own security.

I hope this time has given each of you a little time to slow down and enjoy your family. I bought a shirt over this time that says When everything is uncertian. The things that are important become VERY clear. I hope this time of uncertianty has brought what is truly important back into focus!

We miss you and can't wait to get back to school in August!

Taken from Minute Motivators for Teens by Stan Toler

We are in the OFFICE!

We are in the office everyday from 9 am to Noon! Have questions, comments or conerns... please feel free to contact us!