CB Passive Income Scam?

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CB Passive Income : Legitimate or Hoax?

So I have been hearing a lot about this new Affiliate Marketing System called CB Passive Income. So much so that I decided to do a little research myself and see if CB Passive Income is a legit marketing system or if there was a CB Passive Income scam.

One of the first things I found out was that the owner is Patrick Chan, who has been featured in newspapers many times and also business magazines. Having built his internet empire (without the benefit of any college or university qualification).

Now, in order to be considered a scam I feel that there would have to be a transaction where a business made claims that they did not deliver. If there is a CB Passive Income Scam it would be easy to see if we looked at the product and compensation plan that this affiliate marketing system is promising and see if they are delivering what was promised.

CB Passive Income Services: CB Passive Income Scam

It is stated that as a member of CB Passive Income, you will have all of these features or the service is free.

- A web page that has been tested to convert at 50%
-An attractive free offer that will entice visitors to subscribe.
-Free hosting
-Patrick's auto responder
-Crafted emails and more free reports will be emailed out to this list with your unique code with your very own Clickbank ID in them. So when the people in this list buys a product, you get the commission.

From one testimonial I found Chris Lee stated:

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CB Passive Income Compensatin Plan: CB Passive Income Scam

The compensation plan in CB Passive Income is based on commissions you make when your Clickbank product is tracked and sold through your Clickbank affiliate ID.

Here's what a few more new members have to say about the from home work opportunity...

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After my research I can say that CB Passive Income scam is not an accurate statement, and CB Passive Income is in fact a legitimate from home work opportunity for the right person looking for what they offer.


If you are going to be successful in CB Passive Income then you will need a method of generating unlimited leads on a daily basis, plus you need to sort out your $ cash flow $. You need to have money coming in that will support you and your business costs while you are building your business. This is exactly what I have taught several struggling distributors that have read about a CB Passive Income scam to do.

You can apply these strategies to any network marketing opportunity!!!

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