Color Poems

Color Poems and Illustrations

"My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss

This picture book shows us how colors can sometimes explain our emotions and feelings. Have you ever thought how a color makes you feel? What about your favorite color?

"Hailstones and Halibut Bones" by Mary O'Neill

Color isn't just about seeing, but a color can be a sound, a feeling, how something feels and more! Have you ever thought about how a color feels? How it sounds? Listen as I read from "Hailstones and Halibut Bones" to see if the words describe the color from the title.

Your Personal Color Poem

As you write your color poem, you will include each of the following, at least twice, with adjectives that describe your thoughts.

1. Sound...POW, Boom!, whisper, loud, fizzy

2. Texture...soft, sharp, rough, smooth

3. Feelings...calm, excitement, power, peace

4., people, clover, flowers

5. Time...season, morning, dusk,

There are sooooo many more words that describe. Believe it or not, your poem will include at least 10 lines, but MORE is fine!

To get you started...

These are ideas only, but your ideas will be better! Let's get started.

On your paper start brain-storming...this writing will go through several changes. You will come back next week with even BETTER ideas than what you started with.

1. ____________________ is (color name).

Ex: Time is purple

2. There is ______________________.

Ex: There is purple ink

3. The sound of (color name) is _____________?

Ex: The sound of white is a whisper.

4. (Color name) is the color of _____________.

Ex: Gold is the color of clover honey.

Gold is the sunken treasure from an old ship.

5. (Color Name) is _________________.

Ex: Purple is soft.

6. (Color name) is like ______________.

Ex: Gold is feeling like a king.

Oh! One More Thing...

Use your imagination!

Try something unique!

Be creative!