November 11 to 15 Newsletter

This Wednesday there will be an Elementary Assembly at 8:45. All the Grade 2's will be performing, so I hope all parents will be able to come and see us. We have been working very hard, and will be doing the virtue of EXCELLENCE.

On Friday, report cards will be going home, with Parent Teacher Interviews happening November 21 and 22. I am just setting up the interview schedule now, so you will be notified early next week about your date and time. Interviews will be 15 minutes long. It may be useful to have any questions you have written down to ensure we get to them.

We are starting a new unit in social studies where we are learning about "Macao in the Past". We will then be comparing houses, transportation, and physical geography from the past to the present. In science, we are starting a new unit on Hot and Cold. In math, we will continue to learn about numbers to 100 using number lines, place value, ten frames and tallies. In Language we are learning about Organization in our writing. We will also be doing a play for the Grade 1's using our insect puppets and telling them about what we learned about insects.