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K-ACTE Conference - July 30th, 2014

Monthly Service Time Sheet

Monthly Service Time Sheet (Google Spreadsheet)

You should be able to copy the google spreadsheet to your computer, if you cannot please send me an e-mail at brittneyquelch@usd379.org and I will send you an Excel file of the document.

What is it?

The Monthly Service Time Sheet is a document that helps students and advisor record and document the time spent on various projects. It distinguishes between the different types of service projects students could complete. Below is a chart that can help you determine what type of service is being performed. This idea was developed by the Montana FCCLA program.

In Montana they are using this document to provide evidence of the program's worth for a grant the state recently initiated. Although we do not have the same situation in Kansas, we are in a position where objective data showing the worthiness of Family and Consumer Science programs and FCCLA could be of great great benefit.

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How this Benefits Advisors

  • Helps Advisors show the necessity of FCCLA and Family & Consumer Science programs in supporting local communities. Being able to show the number of individuals affected by community service projects
  • Could be used to objectively evaluate students for Chapter Awards. (Easily see which individual has completed the most service hours in your Chapter.)
  • Could help you determine how to split money from fundraisers between students for expenses like SLC or NLC.

How this Benefits Members

  • Tracks valuable information for students to use on resumes and when applying for scholarships or jobs.
  • Teaches students to record important information, similar to an entrepreneur recording work hours.

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