The Bloody Red Shrimp

Invasive Species Of Canada, by:Shasta Daley

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Shrimp, Shrimp, And More Shrimp

More and more Bloody Red Shrimp are in the Great Lakes of Canada. They are not from here, so why are they spreading so fast in our water ways? Bloody Red Shrimp came to Canada in the ballest waters of ships, which is the bottom of ships, where the water sits. They originally came from Eastern Europe. But, since 2006, they have been found in many areas of our Great Lakes. Scientists are finding more and more all the time.

The Problem With Bloody Red Shrimp

The Bloody Red Shrimp is invading Ontario's Great Lakes. So far, they have been found in Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. They won't do anything to you, but they will disrupt the natural food chain. Bloody Red

Shrimp feed on zooplankton, which would otherwise feed baby fish. The baby fish, who can't compete, die out. Then, other animals can't eat the baby fish, so they die out too. The shrimp, are omnivors. They live for 9 months, and are adults after 45 days. Go to http://www.helpthe

You Can Help Too.

The bloody shrimp is 6 - 13 mm in length, and are an ivory-yellow or translucent colour. They are also red around the tail and back. Females are slightly larger than males. They travel in big red clouds. If you find anything that fits this description, please report it to the phone number below.

Please note that this is a school project. The email, website, and phone number are not real.