5th Grade

September 25, 2015

Mrs. Rainwater - Language Arts/Social Studies Mrs. Polenz - Math/Science

Weekly Update

Please join us for 5th grade special events and Fall Festival. Parent volunteers are needed to help with planning and supervising. Here are a variety of ways you can sign up to help. As always, your help is much appreciated!

Sign-up for ALL 5th grade Fall Festival booths:


Sign-up to help with 5th grade committees for parties, graduation, celebration, etc.



We are finishing our place value unit with a test next week. Students can always review and practice with online textbook lessons or their math journals. Ask your child to show you Dr. Burger or Rango!


This week we looked at the differences of mixtures and solutions. We also used properties of matter to sort a mixture of metal filings, rock salt, sand, and pebbles.

Language Arts

This week we started writing in our writer's notebooks. The students will use their notebooks to generate stories and further develop a love of writing.

Social Studies

This week we have been studying explorers. The students will continue studying the reasons explorers ventured to North America and events that happened on their journeys.

How do I know if my child has homework?

  • Ask him or her.
  • Check the planner on his or her iPad - Quick HW. Students are given time in each class to copy assignments listed on the board.
  • Check our 5th grade website (we try to update it daily) http://www.gcisd-k12.org/domain/289
  • STEMscopes and Go Math (Think Central) assignments are NOT homework at this time. These are in class activities. We may view these in class, but they are also good review or your child may watch these lessons if he/she has to be absent.