The Three Blind Mice Trial

Will justice be served?

The arrest of the farmer's wife.

Only a few weeks ago, the farmer's wife was arrested for cutting off the tails of the three blind mice who were merely making a game of chasing her. The arrest was made after a 911 call came from Jane, a witness that saw the gruesome event. She described it as "something out of a horror film". The arrest was mostly uneventful, as the farmer's wife handed herself peacefully over to the police upon their arrival. The farmer's wife was was taken into custody and had her bail set at $6,000.

The Hearing

During the hearing, the three blind mice stated their case. After this, the grand jury decided that there was enough evidence to send the farmer's wife was to court and indicted her of animal cruelty. During her arraignment, the farmer's wife answered to her indictment and plead guilty. She plead guilty so that she could lessen her punishment with a plea bargain. Her bail was reset at $7,000 she was given a public defender for the upcoming trial.

The Trial

There was only silence when the trail began and a strong scene of intensity that filled the air. The three blind mice started their prosecution by calling up Jane, the only witness of the event. She was sworn into oath and was asked some questions by the prosecuting lawyer. These questions revealed to the petit jury of how the the farmer's wife committed the crime and served as vary convincing evidence against the defendant. Although some believe that Jane's claims were perjury, there is still no proof to accuse Jane of lying. The next witness to be questioned in court was the farmer himself. He was subpoenaed, as it was believed that he possessed very important information relating to the case and could determine his wife's fate. He further added to the prosecutor's claim that the farmer's wife had committed the crimes that she was accused of doing and should be punished for them.

After the trial was over and all the evidence was presented to the judge and petit jury, a verdict was made. The jury acquitted/convicted the farmer's wife of her crimes and she was sentenced to ten years in prison.

There was no appeal made to have the case reviewed afterwords.

By James Read

Module 7 lesson 1 assignment