Ishaan's science newsletter

Earthquake PBL

In the earthquake unit we had to create a house to withstand an earthquake for Tony Stark. We used only the given materials of popsicle sticks, clay, straw, and string and our house survived the earthquake.

30 hands project

30 hands project

for the 30 hands project we had to create a video on the 30 hands project about the atmosphere. First we created slides on piccollage then uploaded them to 30 hands and made a video.

Invention convention

My group and I chose to build a model for a solar powered boat. We brought in materials and started building. We used a ziploc box which we covered in tinfoil and put solar panels and a solar cell. An electronic eraser is our engine and paper is attatched to it and spins like a propeller

Earthquake shake test

A picture of our invention

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