Valu-Pass Cash Rebates Programe

Contact us at 1 (866) 581-4705 Rebates Provides Shoppers with Cash Back

Many shoppers use rebate system in order to save on their income and they find that it only takes a little bit of time each month to apply for a cash back rebate. The rebate system is very simple you save your sales receipt, the UPC label on the product that you bought and the address of the company that is offering the rebate to send in to get cash back. Many of these companies send the customers a check for the amount of the rebate.

Rebates are used for people of all ages because they are so simple to comply with and the manufacturer more than gladly will return cash back. Often times a product may read buy two and get the second product free just send in the UPC label along with your receipt and we will send you back a cash rebate. The average person may use the product enough to need it more than once or perhaps they have a family member or friend that can use the product. Many times the consumer will sell the second product to someone else at the regular price then send off the UPC label along with proof of purchase getting a rebate. The one's who do this are really profiting because it is getting their product for free. Rebates are a common practice today amongst many consumers and they expect some sort of cash back when they purchase products.

Today rebates are offered to many shoppers who shop on the internet. Companies have united together in order to provide the online shopper the opportunity to receive rebates by using a key code placed in their order. Ebates is a simple method where you use a key code from a coupon issued by one of the major companies on the internet which gives you a savings on your purchase. Instead of having to save the UPC label and the sales receipt you are getting your savings while you are making your purchase. The categories of which you can get Ebates are many and the merchants are all well-known not only online but as a brick and mortar business. Rebates are an economical way for any family to save stretching their budget dollars. Today with the economy being in a down slope many people are using rebates in order to increase their purchasing power bringing home more useful items for the family. is an everyday savings and rebate program with Member-Only benefits providing discounts that help you get more life out of living. Members save on everything from clothing, gifts, home improvement, gifts, electronics, toys and more. In addition, members save on everyday purchases like dining, entertainment, movie tickets, prescriptions, health & beauty products, free cell phones - to name just a few. You'll soon see for yourself why your Valu-Pass Membership is a passport to outstanding values and savings for you and your entire family.

With Valu-Pass it's easy to save using your Member-Only website for shopping and other club benefits. Every member receives a personal Valu-Pass Username and Password. As a member, you just go to and login. You can make online purchases and download coupons today. Just follow the instructions and start saving immediately. It's that EASY!

Global Valu-Pass is the consumer's best friend with its combined opportunity to save money AND still get cash back on so many purchases we make everyday. It's like being paid to shop!

Smart shoppers choose Global Valu-Pass because it offers you tremendous savings on a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Plus, you get cash back from hundreds if not thousands of the most popular online retailers and receive discounts on many things you do and use every day.

With Valu-Pass, you save on just about everything you can imagine, like:

  • Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Gifts
  • Home and Garden
  • Jewelry
  • TVs and Electronics
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Supplies
  • Sporting Goods


  • Movie tickets
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Cell Phones
  • Fine & casual dining
  • Health items
  • And a whole lot more